The Scarlett Curse: The Sacred Blade of Profanity Book 1

    The Scarlett Curse: The Sacred Blade of Profanity Book 1 - Toneye Eyenot  5/5

   I have to be honest and tell you that I'm not a fan of fantasy novels, but I am a fan of great stories and that is exactly what The Scarlett Curse is. Eyenot is a great story teller that gives us something unique with the first book in what I hope will be a very long series. As a story teller he manages to drop you into the middle of the story. It sounds confusing as hell, but trust me when I tell you that you should read this book. It's a unique approach and one that makes sense. He doesn't want just casual readers. He wants readers who are invested in the story that he's telling and as I began this book I loved the mystery behind it. You are given a small piece of the story and as the rest of the books are released more of the story will be revealed.

   Even if you're not a fan of dark fantasy there's a lot here to attract you to story of the Sacred Blade. A bit of horror, and the history of the blade itself. While it's not the exact beginning of the story there's enough here to let you know a bit about the sword and its purpose. Toneye has given us just enough to keep us invested in future books in the series. It's an interesting beginning and one that will keep you coming back until Toneye's vision is complete. These are all interesting characters and at the core of it is the Sacred Blade Of Profanity. I'm not sure how closely Toneye strays from the fantasy genre and I don't care because this is a story that flows well.

    Whatever he has planned for this series I'm willing to follow along. Any good writer can create a series, but the important part is keeping your readers coming back. There has to be a connection between your characters and your readers. He's accomplished that here. The Scarlett Curse is well plotted and keeps your eyes glued to the page. The worst part occurs when you read the final page. Knowing that you have to wait for the next book sucks but it's all a part of investing in a series. This is an epic tale that truly captures the imagination and I cannot wait for the prequel to drop.