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Is Winona Ryder Still Dating That Dude From Soul Asylum And Other Lurid Tales Of Terror And Doom - Douglas Hackel - 5/5 stars

     As you read Hackel's latest short story collection you'll start to wonder if the guy is totally insane. It makes sense as you read stories about puppets who create mass graves for chicken nuggets, a man with Meatface disease, and other tales that aren't exactly horror unless you happen to be the character in the story. Hackel has a knack for writing weird, absurb fiction that makes you giggle despite the fact that most of these stories don't make any sense. This is a guy who happens to piece together stories with reckless abandon, but where do these ideas come from? Seriously? Is the guy drunk when he writes? The thing is, that's what makes these so good. These are stories that defy logic, and chuck all the rules of literature out the window. To review each and every story here would take way too much effort, and I don't want to bor…
Carrie - Stephen King 5/5 stars

      Stephen King was called the master of modern horror for a reason. His first published novel is a classic that shows us the dark side of human nature, and holds up extremely well forty three years later. Carrie is a short read, but one that packs one hell of a punch. No one could have suspected that he would be such an influntial writer, but reading Carrie you can see it. There's something about Carrie that makes it unique. It's all in the way the story is told. While most authors are content to tell the story in one style, he chooses to give us different angles to draw us deeper into the story. What seperates King is that in Carrie, the horror isn't based on a monster, but a character who has a special ability that begins to appear after her first period.

       The strength in Carrie is in fact Carrie herself. You can't help but feel for her and the ridicule she's subjected to by her peers, and the over bearing religious…
Dead Certain - Adam Mitzner 5/5 stars

     I got this on the Kindle first looks program, and I'm glad I didn't follow any of the reviews of this. If I had, I would've missed out on a pretty decent thriller. There needs to be a disclaimer about Ella, this has nothing at all to do with her double life, and it's only mentioned once in the book and it's a moment that makes no sense, but then later it does. The main thing to remember here, is it's a novel that really fits into the current trend of fiction. There's a dark undercurrent running just below the surface, and what I liked most was just how effective Mitzner was able to keep the momentum of the story going while keeping me guessing as to who was responsible for Charlotte's dissappearance. I love books that are layered with different angles. As a reader, I like it when an author attempts to try something different and succeedes.

     Dead Certain seems like a simple novel, but everyone here has a sec…