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A New Master Of Horror

The Cabin At The End Of The World - Paul Tremblay 5/5 stars

       Paul Tremblay I would like to say that I hate you and I love you at the same time. We all love and hate authors. It's nothing new but this hate stems from the way he writes and makes it impossible to stop reading even after he begins to make you uncomfortable. His books slowly build tension while taking in directions you don't want to go yet have no choice. Cabin isn't a simple novel and all I can say is that it's about a home invasion and the apocalypse. The rest is up to you discover and figure out on your own. Tremblay takes two simple genres and creates something we haven't seen before which is the mark of a great author. Each turn of the page gets you closer and closer to the darkness. This is a guy who creates characters you become familiar with, you even like them. You can even almost believe Leonard when he says he doesn't want to hurt anyone, but he has to do this. The question that wil…

What The Fuck Did I Just Read?!

Doctor Sleep - Stephen King 2/5 stars

Let's skip the obvious question here because it's already been answered a million times. If anything, The Shining is one of Stephen King's greatest novels so a sequel has to live up to that and sadly, Doctor Sleep does not. When King is good, he's damn good but when he's bad, you get a book like Doctor Sleep. I will go on record as saying that this is the worst book that King has ever written. You'd have more fun watching paint dry than reading this shitty sequel. What makes me so angry is that everyone kept telling me it was going to get better towards the end, but they lied to me. The plot twist? That really pissed me off and if you have ever read a King novel during his glory days you know just how awesome King can be. Here it's like he's not even trying. The book has a few moments where you think it's going to pick up and even gives you some Manson family type people called The True Knot, but they're not …