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Monsters Don't Cry

Monsters Don't Cry - Shane McKenzie  5/5

     I received a copy of Shane's new book directly from Deadite and I immediately started reading it. Shane has a unique writing style that is reminiscent of guys like Edward Lee. I'm a huge fan of the guy and have a ton of his stuff on my Kindle. When you read McKenzie's stuff you should know that it's not going to be pleasant at all. This is true balls out splatterpunk. Tons of gore, and sheer all out mayhem. Underneath that mayhem though is a talented writer. If he was just a guy that filled his books with gore he wouldn't be one of my favorite writers. Gore is nice, but there has to be a story to hold it all together.

     Monsters has one hell of a premise and as I read it I could see that McKenzie crafted this in such a way that you can imm…

The Ritalin Orgy

The Ritalin Orgy - Matthew Dexter   5/5

      I received a copy of orgy from Netgalley in an exchange for an honest review. It's funny how I have to say that with some of these reviews. I have no idea why, and who knows, maybe some people actually lie when they read a review copy. All I know is that I have to say that somewhere in this review. Anyway this is not your common variety feel good novel of the year. It isn't much on taking the route of most popular fiction and being predictable either. Does anyone only read safe novels anymore? Let's be honest here and say what should be said. We need novels like this because they're gritty and dark, but sometimes when you have a novel that's good who cares about rules! Rules shouldn't not exist in fiction anyway.

     Reading a book like this you should be aware that it is fiction and while most …

A BigBoobenstein Family Christmas

A BigBoobenstein Family Christmas - Jeff O'Brien 5/5

     'Tis the season to be jolly and what better way to chase away those blues than with a twisted Christmas tale? During the holidays I try and read as many Christmas themed stories as I can, but this year I am way way behind on reviews. I did want to read a couple of stories though and I had to check out O'Brien's latest tale of the Boobenstein saga. This is the kind of book you should read while sipping eggnog and wearing an ugly sweater. 
     Here's the deal. O'Brien writes like a twelve year old with ADD and that's not a bad thing. One of the reasons I like this guy so much is because he writes stories that read like classic 80's B-rate horror films. As I read this it was obvious that O'Brien doesn't mind slapping around tradition and creating something that will make you la…

Whispers Vol 2.

Whispers Volume 2: A Second Collection - Stuart Keane  5/5

     Stuart Keane has had a busy few months. First Cine, then Grin, and now Whispers Vol 2. For a lot of writers that would be overkill. You have to space out your output a little, or else you start to piss off your fan base. Stuart's fans actually prefer that he release his work this way. We hate a long wait. Whispers is a collection of short stories that are both old and new. Like Whispers they feature some pieces that were in other anthologies and some that are new to the collection. Either way it's a win win because it allows us time to breath until his next full length release and for the Keane collector's it's a chance to have all of these stories in one collection. What a collection we have here folks!

     If you've read this blog before I am a huge Keane fan. Whispers doesn't s…

Time Eaters

Time Eaters - Jay Wilburn 3/5

     I snagged a copy of this from Netgalley and it was interesting for a bit and then seemed a drag a bit. It's one of those novels that borrows a lot from other genres but stays original. The premise itself is interesting, but as it nears its conclusion it just becomes a bit boring. This is a book in which you have to pay attention. If you lose track or fail to pay attention then you're going to be hopelessly lost. It goes into two time frames, Before and after and these are essential to the stories narrative. It wouldn't be a proper time travel novel without these two narratives. The problem is that it all becomes so overwhelming that by the end I was just glad it was over. It wasn't bad mind you just a bit boring. I like how the story is set up, and I like the premise, and for awhile I was reading like a mad man and then it just seemed to drag a…

Mother Fucking Black Skull Of Death

Mother Fucking Black Skull Of Death - Matthew Vaughn 5/5

      I have to tell you that being an avid reader has made these blogs possible, but it's the folks writing these books that make all of this possible. I've been posting reviews on this blog for awhile now and I've been given some really good shit to review. When Matthew reached out to me asking if I'd be interested in reviewing his latest book all I had to do was see the cover and I said yes. How could not say no to a book with a title like this? I've been wanting to read his stuff for awhile now, but I just haven't had the time. Now that I had a copy of this I had to dive in and read it. It's a Morbidbooks release which means that all the normal rules of fiction no longer apply. I love Morbid and I'm pretty sure I said that even before they publishe…

Consumed Vol 2

Kyle M Scott - Consumed Vol 2 5/5

     Kyle was kind enough to give me a copy of Consumed to review and I was pretty excited because I have been waiting for this volume for a long time. I'm a huge fan of this guy's work and you can see that with each release he's growing as a writer. He's not content to just gross you out he has the ability to make you think a little. Each of these stories has an underlying message and it's your job as the reader to figure out what that message is. The fact is that Kyle is a damn good writer. He knows how to balance the sheer insanity and gore into a story so that it's a piece of the work itself. These are characters that you can also sympathize with a little.

     As a collection it holds up pretty damn well. The second volume is actually better than the first and is just as dark. You can call Kyle a splatterpu…