After (After Series Book 1) - Samantha Gregory 5/5



     You're probably going to hear that this isn't your typical zombie novel or series and it's true. That's not a bad thing at all considering that every writer has attempted a zombie novel. Some of them stand out by being different while others stand out because they suck and just plod along rehashing the same ideas that everyone else has come up with. When I read a zombie novel I want to see something different, I want to be elevated beyond what everyone else has done and shown something different. The problem is that most writers don't like to venture beyond what everyone else expects and that makes for a boring read. No one wins when new zombie novels follow the same formula. You aren't winning new fans. That's not a good thing. 

     After shows us what happens after the zombie breakout. We see a new government in place and the zombies are non existent. For seasoned horror fans the lack of gore and horror may turn off a few readers but for those looking for an engaging story with a variety of interesting characters there's a lot to like here. At times it does become a bit predictable but Samantha's writing style is engaging enough so you don't even care that parts of this are a bit cheesy and better suited for female readers. What I failed to notice was that it was a young adult novel so I wasn't even in the right demographic for this novel. Despite that, I still enjoyed it.

     Gregory is a writer that knows exactly how to plot a story and keep the reader guessing. This is the first book in a series so she knows that if she wants you to come back there has to be a reason. You want to like these characters almost as much as the story. Jenna is a likable character and an integral part of the series. All of the other characters compliment each other well, and as the novel progresses we can tell that this is a series that we're going to want to finish. Samantha builds After to a cliff hanger conclusion that will certainly anger a majority of you, but you have a reason to come back and most of you will. You should come back because After is an addicting read that adds to a genre that is usually boring and predictable. I received this in exchange for an honest review and I'm not only a new fan of Gregory's work but I'll also be reading the rest of the books in this series.