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The Other Boy

The Other Boy Ian Taylor & Rosi Taylor  5/5

     I was given a copy of The Other Boy in exchange for an honest review and figured that I would wait until the day of launch to post this. Here's the deal. You need to click the above link now and pre-order this bad boy so you can begin reading it the day it comes out on November 10. Believe me when I tell you that this is one novella you do not wanna miss. Ian and Taylor have captured something here that goes beyond just your ordinary ghost story and becomes something else entirely. Some might even say it's a bit cliche but you know what? I love horror stories like this and it takes some of the darkest elements of the genre and twists it into something unique. The thing that I love most is that just when you think you have it all figured out you find out you don't.

     The Other Boy isn't a book you can just categorize. The story is less about W…

The Antichrist Of Kokomo County

The Antichrist Of Kokomo County - David Skinner 4/5

     So say your father and you are told that your son is in fact the Antichrist? What would you do? How would you react? That is the hilarious premise behind David Skinner's debut novel and it's the kind of book that could easily slide into two directions. The first would be a dark twisted novel about the child growing up evil. or you could turn it into a dark black comedy which is what Skinner has done. I received a copy of Antichrist from Netgalley and I was bit intrigued by the premise, but this is a novel that takes quite a few twists and turns and explores what happens when a father is told that he will be great, but ends up being unremarkable, and completely average. This is a guy that never achieves anything and finds out that his son is the Antichrist who also just happens to look like a little old man.

     The story is told through past …

Hung Hounds

Hung Hounds - Donald Armfield 5/5

      When bizarro fiction is done right it's a true mind bending experience. Imagine for a second taking everything you think you know about writing and throw in a porn star with an enormous schlong, a monkey, some mermaids, and trans dimensional mutts that have huge schlongs. You have a pretty good idea of what you're in for and the kicker is that while you're reading it you never know what to expect. Armfield writes like a kid with ADD and the kid has been handed king sized Pixie Stix. The plot is easy to follow and the beautiful thing about this novel is that it keeps you on your toes. This is a bizarro novel that doesn't just imitate other books, it actually give the genre a much needed kick in the ass.

     The plot seems pretty straight forward, but here is where Armfeld shines. He throws so much at you that you can't help but keep reading just to see h…


Hexad - Andrew Lennon & Matt Hickman   5/5

     Sometimes you pick up a title that features a couple of new authors and you begin to see a pattern emerge. One writer is actually better than the other and after awhile you notice that the other writer is carrying the entire book on his shoulders. Ever have that experience? It's not pretty and if anything you wonder how these two people got together in the first place. Was it an idea that they both had and figured fuck it; Let's do a book together! It would be almost as painful as having sex with Rosie O'Donnell. It's a moment you immediately regret and wish you could take back. The book game has changed a lot over the last few years and anyone with a keyboard can self publish a damn book. Widens the landscape for a whole lot of shit sandwiches.

     I'm here to tell you that with Hexad you …
Dee Snider - Shut Up And Give Me The Mic  - Dee Snider 5/5

     Let's go ahead and get the disclaimer out of the way. This will no doubt contain a lot of foul language because this is the memoir of the legendary Dee mother fucking Snider of the one and only Twisted fuckin' Sister. While Kiss may have been my first foray into heavy metal it was without a doubt the boys in Twisted that blew the doors wide open and showed me just how awesome heavy metal was and could be. I was probably eleven when I was at Kenny Kessler's house and he pulled out this tape of a band that I had never heard of. The label of the tape itself was in German (at the time I had no idea that there were such a thing as imports!), and the music was heavy as fuck and no other band at the time looked like these guys. Talk about groundbreaking!

        I headed to Big Lots to get my own copy of this amazing record which I paid roughly paid three bucks for and the rest is history. Soon the band was all …

Here's The The deal: Don't Touch Me

Here's The The deal: Don't Touch Me  - Howie Mandel, and Josh Young  3/5

     This is one of those biographies that I was quite interested in reading for obvious reasons. The problem that I had was if I had to give it a bad review someone would just call me an asshole for disliking it. This is a guy that suffers from OCD and ADHD and he probably had a hard time writing this book so I should be fair. As both a reader and a reviewer it's not helping anyone if I lie and say that I liked a book simply because the author has mental health issues. That's not how this works. I read the book and give you an honest opinion, If that makes me an asshole so be it. I think if I lied and told you it was a brilliant book and you bought and thought it sucked you would still call me an asshole for lying.

      The fact is that the book feels like someone with ADHD wrote it, or told it to the ghost writer. Howie had help with this one, but the thing is that if you have ever seen his sta…

Dark Screams Vol 5

Dark Screams Vol 5 - Brian James Freeman, And Richard Chizmar

     Let's be honest and admit that for horror fans the Dark Scream series is shaping up nicely. It took me a long to appreciate the benefits of anthologies, but as a writer I can appreciate them more because I've been in quite a few and when done right they have the potential to get you noticed. The Dark Screams series is interesting because it takes established writers and puts them together with newer names in one small, well priced digital book. I received this from Netgalley and wasn't sure how well it would stack up against the last volume, but I was pleasantly surprised. The editors have picked some real gems and I can see why this series is still going strong.

     Each story here is solid and while I didn't find a stand out like I did in Vol. 4 I found it just as enjoyable. Let's be honest here and admit that if you're a fan of horror this is a must read volume. It's mixes in some new fa…

Dark Screams Vol 4

Dark Screams Vol 4  - Edited By Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar 5/5

I received a copy of Dark Screams Vol 4 from Netgalley and let's be honest here and admit that the line up here is pretty damn impressive. Clive Barker and Ray Garton alongside Heather Graham, Lisa Morton, and Ed Gorman. This is a line up you would expect big things from and while it does come in at a short 16o pages there's little wiggle room to screw things up. I have never heard of this anthology series before but I'm glad I picked this up. While the Garton, and Barker stories are good the real reason to buy this is because of The Brasher Girl. This story is a homage or a rip off of classic Stephen King and it's creepy and makes you long for the days when horror used to be simple. This is a story that builds up slowly without a great deal of gore. It's a story about obsession and yes, even insanity.

If you've never read horror before this is a good place to start. Each sto…