Jeremy - Matt Hickman 5/5

     There a lot of great horror novels coming out from across the pond and we can add Jeremy to that growing list. Matt's debut novella is the kind of book you read and it stays with you long after you finish it. It's brutal reality based horror that links together bullying and alienation to tell a story that is utterly terrifying and brutal. As you read it you're sucked into the story and you actually can relate to Jeremy and can understand how lonely he feels. We have known kids like Jeremy and that makes the first half so good. Matt has a writing style that sucks you in and then when you hit the second half and all hell breaks loose you may want to turn away but you can't. This is where Matt truly hits his stride and everything just implodes.

     This is a debut that immediately grabs your attention and gets you noticed. Jeremy at times feels like a cautionary tale, but Hickman veers away from being preachy to being outright terrifying. You can relate to Jeremy simply because he's a product of his environment and his actions are almost justified. It's a unique story that truly takes the creepy aspect of kids and amplifies it. As a horror fan I've read countless novels that features kids, but Jeremy isn't like anything you've ever read before. It may seem as if you know where the story's going, but Hickman veers away from the predictability you're expecting.

    It certainly doesn't feel like a debut. This is a novella that moves quickly with excellent pacing and characters that you can identify with. Matt is a writer that allows you to not just view the characters but you feel as if you're one of them. It is a short read but one that is shocking and terrifying. This is a writer to watch and I have a feeling that the story of Jeremy is far from over. All I can say is well done, and congrats on a solid novella.