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What She Doesn't Know Andrew E. Kaufman 2/2 stars

I've read a lot of thrillers before. but this one frustrated me to no end. There's no doubt that  Kaufman is a talented writer, but the novel feels like a bunch of ideas thrown together without any real thought to how it's going to turn out. The plot seems pretty straight forward, but the thing is by the middle of the book you begin to wonder why this is all happening. Sure, we all like plot twists, but this just left me scratching my head wondering how no one saw any of this coming. Let's be honest here and admit that it's kind of clever, but it couldn't really happen. How in the hell didn't anyone see any of this happening? Riley's sister is pretty much useless here, and Riley is pretty sketchy as a lead character which shouldn't really surprise us. It's not the story that frustrated me. it's the ending that left me practically throwing my Kindle across the room.       The truth is, I really liked this book, I did, but Kaufman's …