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Fast Times At Cine Mega Plex High 5/5 stars

      This has been on my to be read list since it first came out, but then I got a bit sidetracked which happens more than I care to admit. As I looked through my Kindle app I rediscovered this and I began to read. Vaughn is a talented guy. He knows how to create these weird, sick stories, but they're well written, and laced with the right amount of black humor that you can't help but laugh at. It's a short story collection where all the stories are linked together, and influenced by various film genres. Thing is, Vaughn has put his own little spin on each genre so it becomes something a bit darker and far more twisted.

       While it may offend some readers, if you're a fan of weird fiction, this is a classic that spoofs some iconic films, but I won't tell you which ones. It's your job to read the book and find out what they are. All I will tell you is each story is sure to make you either chuckle, or close the boo…

Foxy Knoxy

Waiting To Be Heard - Amanda Knox 3/5 stars

       Books like these are expected to change the way people see you, and offer some sort of insight into who you are as a person. If you're Amanda Knox, odds are you're still going to hate you simply because she was the most hated woman in Italy, and who knows, maybe she still is. When you're paid 4 million bucks to write a book it better be good, or at the least try and convince people you're not a sadistic, heartless bitch. Amanda's book does that. It shows that she isn't just a pretty face for a penchant for casual sex, or a burning hate in her heart for Meredith Kirchner. Amanda spent four years of her life in an Italian prison for a crime she didn't commit, and the police were convinced that she and her boyfriend did it. Even when the facts failed to add up, or even point to Amanda and her boyfriend. If you hate Amanda, you will probably still hate her, but hey, at least we tried to get you to like her.


Youth Gone Wild?

Sebastian Bach - 18 And Life On Skid Row 3/5

      First off, I want to say how disappointed I am in the poster that came with the book. I was expecting the bloated, puffy, Sebastian Back circa 2017, but what I got was Sebastian Bach circa 1991. Isn't that false advertising? Why even include a poster on the back of a slip cover anyway? Secondly, did we even need this book? Skid Row's first two albums were perfect hard rock and metal,  and then they just disappeared because they started to suck. Of course we may have the answer we've all wanted for twenty years. Why did they fire this guy? Wasn't he after all the voice of Skid Row? I dunno, but when I saw the price of the hardcover vs the cost of the paperback I figured I should check it out. I was once a fan of Skid Row, and then there was that whole Vh1 show called Supergroups.

      So, the first mistake here is allowing Bach to write his own biography. The guy is all over the place and guess what? For a life story, …
Psycho Circus: A Collection Of Horror  - T.S. Woolard 5/5 stars

      I received a copy of Psycho Circus in exchange for an honest review

      When you call a book Psycho Circus, you better deliver something unique, or at least a little weird. I've read a lot of weird books, and I've read a lot of extreme books as well. To describe this one would be a mixture of the two. While it's not a straight up horror collection, it's still pretty damn good. The problem I find with a lot of extreme horror is that it lacks a clear plot, and only wants to beat the reader into submission with its brutality. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I crave a little more from my books.

       Woolard is a decent writer that explores the dark side of human nature and these tales aren't for everyone. Quite a few of them are pretty disturbing, but there's a reason for this. It's just the way the stories evolve, and you drift from story to story wondering what's …

The Rise And Fall Of WCW

Controversy Creates Cash - Eric Bischoff

       Here's the interesting thing about Bischoff's biography. It's not your typical bio, and for some it's exactly what you expect it to be. Not a story of a man's life, but a story about a company called WCW. That's why most of us picked up this book. Hell, it's why I paid 2.99 for it on Kindle. I'm sure Bischoff has lead an interesting life, but Eric himself knows why we're all gathered here to read his book. There are a few interesting notes about his personal life, but the focus here is on his career as the guy who killed WCW. He was the most hated man in professional wrestling and for good reason. I want some dirt, and I want to see pics of Eric hoisting that dirt onto the bodies of his enemies.

       Anyway, Controversy is an inside look at what exactly happened with WCW, and how he became the man in charge. From the way he talks, everything just fell into his lap, he never pursued anything. He doesn…
Halloween Carnival Vol 4 Various Authors  5/5 stars

     I received a copy of Halloween Carnival Volume 4 from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

     So far the series has been pretty decent, and I like that the series has remained strong throughout. These have all been great and each volume has kept the gore and violence down to a minimum. This is really a series for all fans of horror. Each volume has a little something for everyone which is what makes it so great. After reading volume 4 it's clear that if you want to start this series out of order, you should start here. This one is the one you must read, and the sad thing is I haven't even made it to the last volume yet, and I'm already declaring this one the clear cut winner.

     What makes this one so good? The novella Where The Leaves Fall is a head scratcher of a tale, but it's written so well, and is just creepy enough to make you keep reading to find out what's wrong with this town, and then of …
Brother Sam The Short, Spectacular Life Of Sam Kinison 3/5 stars

      I will never forget the first time I saw Kinison on HBO. It was late and I was probably 11 or 12 at the time, and it was about midnight which meant whatever I watched, I had to be quiet. Then I saw Sam, and I could not stop laughing. At the end of his set my stomach hurt, I had tears pouring out of my eyes, but I knew I saw something ground breaking. Sam was the voice of the people. He said what most guys thought, and even wished they had the balls to say. When he passed it stunned me, and I remember listening to Have You Seen Me Lately and tried to imagine a world without Sam. I heard about the book many years later, but it took me a while to track it down. Hell, I don't even think it's in print anymore. I own the hardback and when I did a search for it, that's all I could find.

      So, reading the book there was a lot that stood out. Sam was truly a genius, and he was out of control which really did…
Ketchup On Everything - Nathan Robinson 5/5 stars

     Okay, first things first. This is not a horror novel, at least it doesn't appear to be in the traditional sense. The only real horror comes toward the end of the novella, and that's where you have the obligatory: "Well, I didn't see that coming!" It's a huge moment, but up until that point, the only horror is the loss Elliot and his wife feel when their son disappears out of thin air. If anything, this is a sad, depressing book that you simply can't stop reading. How does a kid just vanish? Will they ever find him? If you're overly sensitive to missing kids, or know one who has recently gone missing, well, you should stop reading right away. Seriously, just don't even attempt reading this novella. Put it down and pick up something else.

     Ketchup is going to disappoint horror fans, but if you're a fan of well written books, this is a must read. Robinson taps into real grief so you know …
The Darkness In The Woods - Kasey Hill, and Elias Raven 5/5 stars

      I received a copy of The Darkness In The Woods in exchange for an honest review

      The Darkness In The Woods is the sort of horror novel that doesn't tread a lot of new ground, but works amazingly well for what it is. We've read stories like this before, and we know exactly what to expect, but sometimes, the best horror comes from the familiar. I know exactly what you're thinking. if it's unoriginal why are you giving it five stars? I'm glad you asked and I was going to tell you anyway. It's an occult/paranormal novel, and it's set up pretty well. You have a great back story that ties everything together, and let's be honest, if you have a story set in the woods with any sort of family drama ending in tragedy, shenanigans always ensue.

      What starts off as simple little horror novel twists itself into something creepy, and let's be honest here and admit that the character…
Boobageddon - Jimmy Pudge & Jack Savage 5/5 stars

       I'm a huge fan of Pudge's and was bummed out when he decided to stop writing. When I heard he was co-writing a book with Jack Savage I was excited and then sad to hear that this may in fact be the last book we see from the king of white trash fiction. It was great to see a final release, and it's nice to see that nothing has changed. It's still white trash fiction filled with larger than life characters and two heroes who are clueless, and then slowly turn into a pair of bad asses.  Pudge and Savage have created a fun book that will never be considered classy fiction, but who cares? These may be the only authors who have created a drinking game to go along with their book. Every time you see boobs mentioned, you have to drink. You should get a group of friends to read this with you. Makes those stuffy book reads a lot more entertaining.

      Boobageddon is the type of book you simply don't read if you…
Halloween Carnival Volume 3 - Various Authors

      I received a copy of Halloween Carnival in exchange for an honest review

       Wow, volume 3 already, and I have to say as a reviewer, and a fan of horror, this is one series of anthologies that shows no signs of slowing down at all. If you're a fan of either of those things, well, this is one series that delivers. These are short, easy reads with the theme being Halloween. I had planned on reading the entire series before Halloween but I fell behind, so here we are at the beginning of November and I have two books left. As a series, I love the idea behind it, and I love that a lot of these stories aren't built on gore, or even typical horror that we've all come to expect. As a horror fan, I like that it's trying something unique and putting out stories with a true sense of purpose. Even if you're not a big fan of horror, there's still something here to draw you in.

      I will even go out on a limb and say …