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A Perfect Circle Of Contrary Things - Maynard James Keenan & Sarah Jensen 4/5

     When I first heard about this book I was skeptical. For years Tool was a band that kept their private lives strictly that. You didn't see them on magazine covers, or even giving interviews. The fact that Maynard had agreed to tell his life story was mind blowing as well as intriguing. The downside is that the book itself is only written with Keenan which gives it a unique style. It's an interesting glimpse into Keenan, not Tool, so if you're reading the book to gain lyrical insight you're going to walk away very upset. Tool isn't mentioned until halfway through the book, but we do get a great deal of insight into his formative years. If you're not a fan, this book is of little or no use to you.

      The fact is, Maynard is allowing us to hear his life story his way. Everything you'd expect from your usual bio is stripped away, and in its place is something deep and yes,…
Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty 5/5

At the core of Lies is a mystery. We know something bad happened at Trivia Night, but what? As I read this I knew I was in for something special, a book that you simply don't read, you become absorbed in it. There's a lot of detail, and thought placed in the plot which moves at a steady clip. What makes the novel so interesting are the characters. These women are larger than life and you begin to feel an attachment to them. They each have their own crisis, their own secrets which becomes the glue that holds everything together. There's an explosion coming, you can feel it, but what causes it? Adding to the plot are witness accounts of the events, and how it all happened. Instead of becoming distracting, it adds to the plot.

Lies is a well written novel, written by someone who knows how to keep her readers engaged. It's complex,  yet it still has a great deal of humor. It's not the mindless fluff you usually get in popular fiction,…