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It Was Aliens

Very True Stories Starring Jeff O'Brien  - Jeff O'Brien 5/5

      What is your definition of truth? Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe that the world has been saved twice by a scruffy dog lover and a Starting Lineup action figure? As a fan of Jeff's I have read just about everything the dude has put out and as I gazed at the cover I knew that I was going to be in for one hell of a read. Jeff writes the kind of stuff that he would like to read, and along the way he's picked up a bit of a following. Whatever he writes it always seems to work, and shouldn't be taken to seriously. The same goes for his latest book which will no doubt piss of scores of people, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

      Are these any of things in O'Brien's book plausible? Does it matter? What's important is that Jeff is a decent writer that can tell you a story while winking at the same time. The Allston Girl kicks things off and here's the moment where you cough and …

Ladies And Gentleman, Lenny Bruce

How Talk Dirty and Influence People - Lenny Bruce  5/5 stars

     In this politically correct version of the world Lenny Bruce is just as offensive as he was back when he was being busted by the fuzz for being obscene. You see Lenny is an icon that paved the way for greats like Carlin, Pryor, Hicks, and even Sam Kinison. Words themselves aren't dirty. It's the image that they create. Lenny was ahead of his time and he paid dearly for it. It's unfortunate that Mr. Bruce doesn't get the respect that he deserves. He changed the way that people approached comedy and busted down doors that were formerly closed. I know I'm coming off fan boyish, but Bruce is one of those guys that taught me more about life than most teachers. I learned about free speech from Lenny, and I also learned that you don't really have the freedom to speak at all. You just think you do.

     This isn't the first time I read this book I read it back when I was eighteen and I hadn't …

Season Of Decay

Season Of Decay The Decaying Worlds Saga Book 2 - Michael W. Garza  5-5 stars

     You want a tight, intelligent zombie novel you've come to the right place. Seasons picks up after the first novel ends so it's pretty important to read the other books in the series before picking this one up. What I like about this series is that Michael has attempted to put his own spin on the zombie apocalypse without relying on gore or even the zombies themselves. The focus is on the survivors who are now faced with a coming horde of the undead. I enjoy Garza's work a great deal because he writes stories that pull you in and make you feel as if you're one of the characters. As the series progresses we can see the story evolve organically which can be frustrating at times, but Seasons is a book that takes a variety of different genres and comes up with something unique.

     A tale of survivors is part of the plot, but then you have the Nexus and just how important it is. It'…

Rob Zombie's 31

31 Thoughts and a review

     Once upon a time I saw a trailer for a movie called House of 1000 Corpses, and was blown away. Finally a horror film that paid tribute to the films I grew up watching. The second it came out on DVD I snagged my copy and immersed myself in the mayhem. Corpses was, and is a huge influence on me and as I watched it I realized that this was a film by a guy known mostly for his music. It wasn't supposed to be this good, but it was. Critics of course dismissed it and most horror fans didn't understand it, but when it comes to horror films most critics are elite snobs anyway. What Corpses did was show us that you can make a decent horror film that is not only shocking, but entertaining.

      I became a fan of Zombie's films, but not his music To this day I still say that Lords Of Salem is his best film, and who knows I'm probably wrong. What matters is that when you see a Rob Zombie trailer you know you're in for one hell of a ride. Zo…

I'm a dude and I read a Kasey Hill book!

Firefly Of Immortality (The Guardians Of Light Book 1) - Kasey Hill 4/5 stars

     When Kasey gave me a copy to review I was stoked because I thought that her take on the Wizard of Oz mythos was pretty damn cool. She should a lot of promise and easily became a writer to watch for. Now we have Firefly and the premise is cool as hell. I wanted to read this and you should despite my awarding this four stars. It's a book worth reading, but the problem is that I'm a dude and this is clearly not a market that this book was intended for. If you're into young adult fiction with a bit of cheese, then this is for you. If you're like me and don't like young adult fiction with a bit of cheese you should avoid this and find something you do like.

      To be perfectly honest I love Kasey's writing style and her characters. These are complex and well thought out which is essential in a book like this. If you have characters that don't pull you into the story then there&…

The Dinner

The Dinner - Herman Koch  5/5 stars

      Have you ever read a book and then sat and thought about it for a minute trying to decide if you liked it or not? That's exactly what happened after I finished The Dinner. The book itself isn't hard to follow and the message itself is up for interpretation. How it leaves you feeling is where the trouble lies. Is that the mark of a good writer, or is it something else entirely? Koch has written a novel that leaves you exhausted and confused. I wanted to hate the Dinner. I wanted to throw it across the room quite a few times, but I was too invested to quit. I had to read it through to the end. Novels like these are complex, but not because of the plot. It's the characters. These aren't characters that you want to hang out with, and I don't even like them. They all have character flaws and are quite despicable. Not just one or two characters mind you. Each and everyone of them.

      Koch has written a novel that you will ei…

Love Wins??

Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, And The Fate Of Every Person Who Ever Lived - Rob Bell 3/5 stars

     I remember when this book first came out people lost their minds! It seemed as if everyone had an opinion and if you weren't against it then you were part of the problem and declared an enemy of Christianity. Sadly, I was one of those Christians. It doesn't make sense does it? As a Christian you're job is to show some sort of compassion, and love all people, but when this book came out Rob Bell was the most hated man in America. It's interesting that no one talks about religion and if you do you're attacked because you don't follow the mainstream beliefs of Christianity. The problem is that Christianity is full of hypocrites that talk a great game but when it comes to actually following the Bible they fail miserably.

     Now that I'm in a different mindset and removed from my Christian faith I thought I'd read Rob's book again. The diffe…