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Teeth Marks - Matthew Weber 5/5

   Once in awhile I get review copies of books from authors, but I've never gotten one with a barf bag. I’m serious, Matthew Webber sent me not one, but two barf bag with a couple of his releases. As I began to read Teeth Marks I prepared myself for the most vile horror money could buy, but then I relaxed because the bag isn't really necessary. It’s a great marketing tool, but I kept waiting to be horrified, or at least offended, but it just didn't happen. I’m not complaining at all because if anything, Teeth is exactly the kind of horror I enjoy. It jumps and jives all over the place, and it’s well written. The guy has talent, and I plan on reading more of his stuff as soon as I can get my hands on it.  

      The beauty of Teeth Marks is the originality of these stories. As a collection It flows well, and there’s a great deal of darkness mixed with black humor. Webber is the kind of writer who wants people to notice him and he does this  by …