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The Hunted Tribe: Book 1: Declaration of War (Volume 1) - Roma Gray 5/5 stars 

     Roma was kind enough to give a copy of Hunted in exchange for an honest review, and I had no idea it was a young adult novel. If I had I'm not sure I would have read it, but then again I probably would have because when I was a kid I didn't read books that were age appropriate. As a writer she's got an amazing talent of pulling you into the story and you might even say that she tries too hard to make this a novel that would appeal to a wide range of readers. It's a smart novel that has a Stand By Me feel to it while incorporating witchcraft and a tribe of native Americans being hunted by the Grishla. The thing is that the novel works. The balancing act of creating a story that not only adults will read as well as their parents never crosses into the roll your eyes as Roma tries way too hard too please everyone territory. 
     This is a solid story that has characters that you can't h…

No Reason To Live And He Likes It That Way

A Series of Pained Facial Expressions Made While Shredding Air Guitar: Poems, Observations, Lists, Letters, Notes, Bullshit Aphorisms, and General Tales of Ordinary Crabbiness - Brian Alan Ellis 5/5 stars

      If I give this a bad review I'm afraid that Ellis will RKO one of his cats, or quite possibly cry himself to sleep after binge watching John Cena's Greatest Hits so what am I supposed to do lie? Here's the interesting thing about Ellis. If you haven't heard of this dude you should have. He's taking bizarro and emo fiction to new levels and then if he's feeling sad he's going to jump from that level and damn it he's taking you all with him! This is a writer that clearly has either a lot issues or a sick sense of humor. Either way anytime you pick up one of his books you have no idea what you're i…


Succubus - Wesley Thomas 3/5 stars

     I picked this up for my Kindle app for like 99 cents based on the cover and the blurb on the back. It seemed like the perfect little horror novel and for awhile it was. A little horror/mystery if you will. Leon wakes up after being in a coma for a year and then strange things begin to happen. It's a creepy tale that truly pulls you in and then the novel just seems to drag on, and on. For the most part Thomas is a good writer and gives you a likeable chap in Leon. You can relate to him, hell you want to believe that everything about Annabelle is the direct fault of his parents. There are a lot of questions that come up and then you hit the ending. It's almost like crashing into a brick wall. The pay off is surprising and laughable to say the least.

       I would have loved this book had it have been a bit shorter. There's a lot of filler here and I skimmed through a lot simply because it was starting to bore me. The fault is tha…


Kids - Various Authors 5/5 stars

       Dark Chapter Press has made quite a name for themselves in the short time that they've been in existence. The amount of quality they have put into their releases is amazing, and the cover for Kids adds to their growing legacy. The theme itself is interesting because let's be honest and admit that children are creepy. They don't mean to be, they just are. Anyone with a child or knows someone with a child can attest to this. This anthology doesn't make them any less creepier. If anything you may want to lock your door before you go to sleep, and if you plan on having kids reading this anthology will take away that desire real quick.

     Kids is a horror anthology that reminds us that children are great subjects for horror. Look at Children Of The Corn, or The Omen. For some all you have to do i…

Lita Ford

Livin' Like A Runaway - Lita Ford 5/5 Stars

      Being a kid in the '80's Lita Ford was the shit. Not only was she hot as hell but she had the talent to almost make you forget how damn hot she was. I say almost because how could you forget? The videos for Hungry and even Kiss Me Deadly got a lot of guys through puberty. When I heard about the book I had to read it. It didn't matter that I had drifted away from her music or that I sometimes found her albums a bit uneven. This was going to be one hell of a book!! I waited and watched the internet for the release date and then finally ordered it. The only other music bio that I actually bought close to the release date was Paul Stanley's. That was an interesting read and I knew that Living Like A Runaway would be as well. This was Lita Ford! It had to be good.


Mas Tequila!!

Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock - Sammy Hagar  2/5

     I have no idea what I was expecting when I started reading this. Maybe a lot of dirt, a lot of drugs and alcohol maybe. What I didn't expect was Sammy being by far one of the sanest guys in rock and roll. This is a guy that made more money outside of music than he did inside. If there was money to be made he found a way to do it. You get an alcoholic father, a batshit crazy wife, and a batshit crazy guitarist named Eddie, but the problem is that Sammy comes off as a nice guy which is really unexpected. The problem is that the book truly captures Sammy's manic energy and the book often comes off incoherent. This isn't a bad biography. It's just boring.

     If you're a fan of Hagar this is going to be a good solid read. It really doesn't pick up until the Van Halen years or even the Geffen years. There's not a lot of detail in his dealings with Ronnie Montrose. I was expecting him to say something b…
How To Survive A Horror Movie - Seth Grahame-Smith 4/4

     Let's be honest here and admit that for the most part that horror films are predictable. Scream gave us some easy to follow rules to survive a horror movie and now we have a survival guide written by the guy who gave us Pride Prejudice And Zombies and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. How you view this book depends on your views of the horror genre. If you aren't a fan then you'll hate this (if you hate horror films why are you even reading this review?). It's quite a humorous book that doesn't take a lot of time to read and there really useful information packed in here to ensure that you actually survive and live to breath another day.

     It clearly takes the piss to the entire genre and nothing is sacred. Everything that you could encounter in the terrorverse is covered. Zombies, vampires, and even killer dolls. Nothing in this book will save you from anything in the real world so if you'…