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The Night Manager - Jeff O'Brien  5/5 stars

      Once again Jeff has finally released another book, and I say it's about dang time. The Night Manager is a blast to read because it features all the stuff that Jeff enjoys. Aliens, and meat. It seems as if the book is about himself and his desire to be a hero. Makes sense when you think about it. Who doesn't want to save the world from an alien invasion? Doyle is the kind of hero we can relate to. He lives in a trailer park, he's fat, and he's stuck in a job where he makes very little money. Of course when he finally gets promoted the world goes to hell, and he finds himself thrust into a role he never imagined he'd be in. Of course it also throws in the comedic elements that have become an O'Brien staple.

       When it comes to comedic horror, Jeff has really found his groove. The Night Manager is great B-rate comedy/horror with cheesy dialogue, and a plot that contains elements of the The Evil Dead, and S…
Keep Her Safe - Richard Jay Parker 5/5 stars

      Here's another book I received from Netgalley and I should point out right away that nothing in this book could really happen. None of it, but Keep Her Safe isn't the type of book you gain anything from, and you don't read it to look like an intellectual. I know it sounds like I'm about to tear this book apart, but no, it's just a warning to those who want a book that does something more than entertain you. The plot is simple enough. Woman comes into kill another woman and things escalate pretty quickly. What would you do to protect your child? Turns out these women would do quite a bit because after all, we love our kids and would do anything to protect them.

       So, as soon as things pick up you're going to need to suspend your disbelief for the remainder of the novel. Just strap your self in and enjoy the ride because that's what this is. It's a fast moving thriller that takes you on a thrilling r…
The Last Days Of Jack Sparks -  Jason Arnopp 5/5 stars

       Once in while you come across a novel that totally messes with your head in such a way you become absorbed in it to the point where you almost become obsessed. The Last Days Of Jack Sparks is one such novel. You can't call this a horror novel despite the horror elements, and you can't really call it a black comedy either. So what exactly is it? It's a seamless blending of genres that takes you on a trip. It's not always a pleasant trip, but it's a trip nonetheless. The thing is, we already know that Jack Sparks is going to die, but the how and the why are up to us to find out. It all starts at an exorcism, and all goes downhill from there. Sounds pretty simple right? No, actually it's not.

       Jack Sparks isn't a nice man at all, and Arnopp makes it pretty easy to dislike Jack. At the core is one man's journey, and also his decline into madness. The novel takes a lot of twists and turns al…
The Long Deception - Mary McCluskey 5/5 stars

      The Long Deception is an interesting novel. When I got this from Netgalley I was under the impression it was a thriller, but it's not. I'm not disappointed by this at all because the novel works as literary fiction, or women's fiction which just sounds like a weird genre. I'm a guy and I loved this book, so why would you alienate men from reading this? That puzzles me a little and I hope men see this review and read the book. This a novel where the focus is on characters more than action. McCluskey is a talented author who tells a story with a huge twist at the end. Sophie's death changes things for Alison and you get to see her evolve and finally realize that the life she has isn't the life she wanted. We can all relate to that, and sometimes we have to make a choice that's terrible for others, but exactly what we need.

      Matt seems to be the catalyst for all of this. It's a chance to reconnect an…