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This Inhuman Place Makes Human Monsters

The Shining - Stephen King 5/5 stars

       It's hard to believe that The Shining was released forty-five years ago and surprisingly it's held up well. Not only is it one of the greatest horror novels ever written, but also one of the greatest novels ever written. Reading Stephen King's third book is at times exhausting given the amount of detail he provides. While some may say it's overkill, it's an essential part of the story. These are people we get to know so well it what happens to them even more frightening. King's writing style is what makes this so damn good. It elevates it from just a haunted hotel story to a story about the slow destruction of a family. The isolation of the Torrance's is told well and you feel as if you're experiencing it with them. This is a novel that isn't just a story about a scary hotel. That's what everyone remembers about the book, but it's more than that. It's about a family being slowly ripped apart th…