Flowers In A Dumpster

     Flowers In A Dumpster - Mark Allan Gunnels 5/5


     I read a lot of horror and it took me awhile to actually get into single author compilations from new authors. A lot of them seemed to consist of one or two good stories and the rest would be filler that was just thrown in to boost a word count. It happens a lot more than you would think and it makes it extremely difficult to invest in a full length novel. A shorty story collection is a great way to show off your range and depth unless you suck and then you have nothing going for you except for a book full of short stories that are mediocre at best. These collections are a crap shoot at best and not too many writers can pull this off. 

     As I began to read Dumpster I could tell that I was reading something unique. This is a guy that knows how tell a great story and style wise he's all over the place. He's a horror writer that you can't pin down. He has a style all his own and he has this ability to drag you into the stories he's writing. This is a horror writer that takes risks and doesn't care about rules or what subject you shouldn't write about. The guy has balls and in horror that's important. Each of these stories is unique and there's nothing that can prepare you for the onslaught that is Flowers In A Dumpster. 

     This is one collection that truly delivers. It's dark, it's a bit grungy and there were a few places I couldn't help but laugh but when you're reading a story about freeing Jesus from the cross and you realize that he's not coming back you can't help but chuckle. As I always do I'm judging this on the strength of each story. These are well written and there's no filler. Some do end quite abruptly but they're supposed to. This is a horror writer that I plan to read more of. If you're looking for something dark and different this is one that you should definitely pick up.