Joshua's Folly

       Joshua's Folly - The Sacred Blade Of Profanity - Book II Toneye Eyenot 5/5

      This isn't officially available yet and I don't even think that there's a pre-order link available but I couldn't actually wait until March 13 to read the second book in the Sacred Blade series. I was given an advanced copy for an honest review and I dove right in. The second book is actually a prequel which explains what led up to the first book. In Joshua things become a bit clearer and all the answers we wanted in the first book have now been answered. I also want to tell that there won't be any spoilers!

       I like how Toneye did this. In any series there's always a lot of back story which usually bogs the books down, but here we have the prequel to explain how the series itself is set up. Everything was already set in motion, but the main question of why was left hanging. That allows the story to move forward and there's no more back story holding us back. As good as Scarlett Curse was the prequel is ten times better. This is the moment where Eyenot hits his stride and swings for the fences. This is a brutal and often violent read but this isn't a story that's going to make you all warm and fuzzy. The conflict and violence are all a part of the story and in order for us to see Toneye's vision we have to also see the violence. Some of these characters are quite despicable, and it's important to see that.

      As the series is growing you get an idea of what's about to happen and how it's all going to come together. It's a series that isn't growing weak by any means. Joshua's Folly is clearly the stronger book and is the linchpin that connects the story together. I don't know what happened to this guy between books but I like the confidence that he has now. This is a story that grabs your attention and only serves to balance out the next books. Now that we have the set up we have a level playing field and there's nothing that could possibly slow this series down. This is one hell of a writer and The Sacred Series is turning into something that can't just be read and put down. Once these are released you'll want to binge read just so there's no waiting between books.

      So the question is should you pre-order this the moment it shows up on Amazon? Yes, you should. If you've read the first book this is essential reading. I don't know what happened to Eyenot between books but it's quite a growth. This is a writer who knows how to keep readers coming back. Joshua's Folly is a worthy addition to the Sacred Blade series and answers most of the questions that he hadn't answered in book I. The question is what does he have in store for us next? I can't wait to find out.