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The Luckiest Girl Alive - Jessica Knoll  2/5

        Once you begin reading Jessica Knoll's novel the title begins to make sense. It's not an easy read and the things that Ani go through are horrible, and will no doubt make some readers uncomfortable. That's the intent, and Knoll is a decent writer, and the story itself is full of enough twists and turns to keep you reading, but it's the characters that keep this from being a must-read novel. Ani as an adult isn't all that interesting and is the kind of person you loathe on sight and while she's suffered more as a kid than anyone should, it's still not enough to make her likable. I kept reading this for the surprise twist at the end and well, the past and present cause you to feel bad for the fourteen-year-old Ani, but the perfection she strives for as an adult coupled with the shallow adult she is, drag the novel down. There's that twist that every modern suspense novel seems to contain, but there'…