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When She Woke - Hillary Jordan  5/5

    I saw this in the library and was pretty much sold when it said it was a modern retelling of The Scarlett Letter, but it also channels The Handmaid's Tale. It could even be a companion piece. If you've never read Tale, you really should. This book could even be your gateway to all things Margaret Atwood who happens to be an amazing writer. What I don't recommend is picking this for a reading group, or any group that matter. If you want the night to end in fist fights by all means pick this one and have yourself a ball. The basic thing is that abortion is now illegal, and the Christians have taken over America. Instead of sending people to prison they're now rehabilitated and genetically altered. Red of course being the color of murder. There's also other colors, like yellow, and blue. Think of the world as a giant bowl of M&M's and you have the general idea. So, Hannah not only has an abortion which is considered murd…