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The Shaun Hupp Collection

The Shaun Hupp Collection Vol 1 5/5

      For about I week I kept hearing about this book. Even got invited to the release party on Facebook, but I fell asleep. I did buy a copy though and dove in not long after. After hearing about this book so much I wondered if the hype was worth it. Let's be honest and admit that there are a lot of indie horror writers vying for your attention. I'm one of them. Facebook is a great way to get noticed. Of course if you write a terrible book it's just a waste of everyone's time. 

     The collection is reality based horror. There's no zombies or other cliched monsters running amok. These are far worse because they just so happen to be people that we're supposed to trust. That's what makes these stories so terrifying. You do have Emrys who is telling these tales to random (or are they?) peo…

Realms Of The Dead

Realms Of The Dead - William Todd Rose 2/5

       Here we have two novellas in one nice convenient ebook. It's not exactly a horror story even though there are elements of horror involved. It deals more with death and the herding of wayward souls. Not what I normally read but these two novellas were actually well written and would make an excellent movie or television series. I think the main problem I had was that it seemed to drag a bit and the books themselves aren't very long. The idea of a guy herding souls like cattle sounds interesting and it is for the most part. William has a knack for telling a great story and you almost become a participant due to his various descriptions of the cutscenes.

     I'm just not a big fan of these kinds of novels. I struggled to finish it because my mind kept drifting. Maybe it was due to the books being so short. There is a lot of great ideas housed withing these pages but I think something longer would have made it more excitin…


Benjamin - Pedro Proenca 5/5

     If you look at my Goodreads reviews you'll see that I was a huge fan and supporter of Bizarro fiction. I had become bored with popular fiction and bizarro was exactly what I had been looking for. It was insane and didn't follow any rules. Unfortunately I began to drift away from the genre but occasionally I'd peek back in when the right book came along.

     Pedro was kind enough to give me a copy of Benjamin and I have to say that this guy truly loves this genre and it shows in his writing. Instead of emulating his heroes in the genre he takes that influence and creates something unique and truly bizarre. This is why I started reading bizarro. As a debut it's quite strong and you can see that Pedro is finding his voice, but make no mistake, this is a debut to be proud of.

     Benjamin is a story about destiny, or maybe it's about reincarnation. Pedro has given…


Monsterland - Michael Phillip Cash  3/5

      I snagged this off of Netgalley based on the cover and then the blurb. It sounds intriguing and as a horror fan this looked like a win, This a premise that hadn't been done before, and it felt to me like it would be a nice spin on Jurassic Park. It starts out strong but then kind of falters at the end. It's not a bad novel but it just feels like it needs less of a morality play and way more gore. These are legendary monsters in a theme park! I expected things to go sour, but I thought that there would be more blood, more focus on the monsters themselves. These are the stars of the novel, and their pissed off. I want to see the vengeance played it in a more violent fashion! What I got though was a novel meant maybe for teens? I dunno, but the thing is you have the mad scientist who seems like the world's savior, but is really well you'll just have to read it to find out.

     Cash is a decent writer but at times it fee…

A Head Full Of Ghosts

A Head Full Of Ghosts - Paul Tremblay 5/5

       I have been hearing about this book for quite awhile now, but sadly I'm one of those people that balk at paying 12.99 for a digital book, and will only fork over 12-13 dollars for a physical copy if it's written by an indie writer I want to support. So when Head dropped to a buck ninety nine I clicked the buy button and allowed it to sit on my Kindle app for awhile. Surely you've heard about this book. Stephen King has said that it scared the hell out of him and I've read Stephen King's latest books and the only thing scary about him is that he's still writing. The question is, should you read Ghosts? Does it live up to the praise, and hype it's received?

    It does. There are certain parts of this book that had me flinging my tablet onto the couch and announcing that I was done. Fuck this book. The thing is that Tremblay has written one hell of a novel. It will creep you out, keep you guessing until th…

Flashes Of Fiction

Flashes Of Darkness: Halloween Special 2015: A Flash Fiction Collection 5/5

     Maybe I shouldn't review this because I have a story here, but if you take my piece out of it it's still an interesting little book. In October Dark Chapter Press held a contest for writers to take part in. You were given a team and had to create a flash fiction piece about werewolves, zombies, or vampires. These are genres that have been done to death so the challenge here was to breath new life into them. Sounds simple until you realize that the word count is only 1k. It was a lot of fun to take part in a contest like this and as a writer there's only so much you can do with so few words. Dark Chapter Press knew that it could be done, but the how was left up to us. 
      Flashes Of Darkness features some of those entries and what a collection this is. It's proof that you can take t…
Stuart Keane - Grin 5/5

      I cannot say enough good things about Stuart. This is a guy knows horror and he has a knack for going deep into the muck and the mire of the dark side of humanity. If you see Stuart's name on a book then you know it's going to be good. He shows us that the monsters sometimes wear human faces and in Grin they will slaughter your whole family and leave you disfigured. Reading Grin you can't help but feel Dani's pain and look forward to the moment when she finally sets out to get her revenge. I thought  that Cine was Keane's best book, but I was wrong. The thing about Keane is that with each book he evolves, and that's what a writer does. You can see that he's at that point where he can write whatever he wants and you know that it's going to knock you on your ass. That's just how Keane rolls.

      Grin is almost a horror/ action novel…

God Bomb

GodBomb - Kit Power 5/5

      When I heard about GodBomb I wasn't sure what to expect. Books like these sometimes just don't live up to the hype, and often become mired in whatever agenda the author has in mind. The only book I can compare it too would be Stephen King's Rage. This is a book that King himself pulled out of circulation due to it resembling current events. The reason I bring Rage up is because it made me think and after I read it I couldn't stop thinking about it. GodBomb is the exactly the same kind of novel. You simply don't read it. You become absorbed in it and you may even find that your holding your breath as events unfold. There's no way to stop it and it everything happens so fast that you sometimes have to take a break just to catch your breath,

     It's a very dark novel that is based smack dab…