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Chaotic Oddities - John Ledger 5/5 stars

      If you're easily offended you should stop reading this review now. Find something else to read because there isn't anything in this book for you to enjoy. If you have an open mind and enjoy a collection of short stories that are both bizarro, and horror, then you're going to be fine. After reading Oddities I can't help but wonder if Ledger has escaped from a mental institution, or should be locked up in one. This is a writer that clearly has a couple of screws loose, and whatever fuels his imagination should be stopped immediately. Actually, on second thought they should be allowed to roam free so we get more collections like this.

     I don't like picking apart short story collections because it takes too much time to review each individual piece. As a writer, Ledger knows how to get under your skin. It's almost as if he has ADD or something because there are horror stories as well as whacked out bizarro pi…
Don't You Cry - Mary Kubica 5/5

     After reading The Good Girl I became a fan of Kubica. She knows how to tell a tale and packs enough detail suspense to keep your eyeballs glued to the page. Take Don't You Cry which is her second novel I believe, and just from the description alone you get a sense of what to expect. It seems simple enough right? One woman disappears in Chicago, and another appears, but there's something else going on, something that seems easy enough to figure out. Looks can be deceiving, not everything is what it appears to be. What makes the book so unique is that the story is told from two viewpoints. You have Quinn who wakes up to find her roommate suddenly missing, and then you have Alex a guy who sees a woman at a dinner and develops a crush on her. From these vantage points, you see the story from both sides. It's a style that James Patterson has perfected and Kubica has borrowed, and developed her own twist to the formula. Instead of kee…
Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher  5/5

     Celebrity biographies almost always follow the same pattern, and then you read Wishful Drinking and the rules are thrown out the window. Carrie covers a lot of ground in such a short book, but through it all is a sense of humor,, and honesty over how her life has gone. The book is downright funny and Carrie is able to poke fun at herself which you hardly ever see in a book like this. It's a book you read and can't help but laugh. When you think about a celebrity you have all of these images in your head, but Carrie isn't what you expect when you think about what it's really like. It's not easy being bi-polar, and a drug addict, and Carrie is funny and yes, even a bit manic.

      There are a lot of surreal moments here, and they're all true. The drug addiction, the dead gay guy in her bed, and yes, even an ex-husband that she turned gay. If you're going to idolize a celebrity this is one you would want to idolize,…
Postcards From The Edge - Carrie Fisher 2/5

      You ever see reviews for a book and then decide to read it just to see what all the fuss is about? That was my experience with Postcards From The Edge. I vaguely remember hearing about it, but I was fourteen and wasn't really into books about drug addicts and recovery, or the experiences after said person tries to live a normal life. I've never even seen the movie. I finally tracked the book down after Carrie passed and was ready to be blown away by her literary debut, but was left feeling guilty that I didn't enjoy the book, or even find it as good as all the critics said it was. Then as I prepared to write this review I shoved aside the guilt because not everyone is going to feel the same way about everything. It's just a sad part of life.

     I'm glad I borrowed this one from the library and not bought it like I planned. I found Post Cards rather boring, and oddly disjointed. There's parts of the book that …

The Dude has issues

The Day I Stop Dreaming About Some Porn Star from the 90s named Sunny Jeff O'Brien 5/5 Stars

     I can't really talk a lot of shit about this book, I mean I could, but it would be pretty mean because this is a free ezine. For fans it's like a stop gap between releases so you kind of get something to tide you over, or if you keep asking him for a new book this should keep you quiet so he can play with his dogs, and smoke cigars. In all seriousness I have nothing to complain about here. As a fan, I got some really cool stories that once again prove why Jeff has such a strong under ground following. Each of these stories are hilarious and remind us why we like him so much. The fact that they were inspired by porn makes them that much cooler because no one admits that they like porn. The only thing that I didn't care for was the Morrissey essay because no one actually gives a shit about the guy, or The Smiths. I'm lying about not liking it, I did, but I had to give…