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Beyond Helter Skelter

The Life And Times Of Charles Manson - Jeff Guin 5/5 stars

      The Life And Times Of Charles Manson sounds like quite a whimsical little book doesn't it? Almost sounds like a feel good story that will pull at your heart strings a little and make you weep with joy. This isn't that kind of book. I have read a few books on Manson and the Family but most are terrible. They don't offer any new insight or even tell us who Manson really is. How was he able to convince these people to kill for him? The only book that came close was Helter Skelter. That was a fascinating glimpse of the Family and the Tate/Labianca it was the Holy Grail of Manson And The Family. Now we have The Life And Times Of Charles Manson which gives us an even deeper glimpse who Manson really is.

      The book not only gives us the full Manson story but also ties in the historical events of the sixties. We learn how Manson was able to manipulate his followers and yes even get them to kill for him  This…

The Crazies

One Rainy Night - Richard Laymon 5/5 Stars

      If you've missed Laymon you've missed a treat. No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to the late Richard Laymon. He was a man that delved into the darkest parts of the human soul and showed us that the greatest monsters are actually ourselves. One Rainy Night seems to show Laymon at a point in his career where he wanted to give everyone what he was accused of giving them. A total gorefest without any real characters or purpose. It would seem on the surface that One Rainy Night is just Richard Laymon being Richard Laymon. Horror that has all the charm and subtlety of a chainsaw cutting into your stomach. He's a hack after all right? I have read tons and tons of reviews of Laymon's work and all of the bad ones all tell us this.

     One Rainy Night is by far one of the greatest books that Laymon has ever written. All of the key elements are there and we see that not much has changed. Laymon is still viole…

All Hail The Sisters Of Slaughter

Mayan Blue - Michelle Garza & Mellissa Lason 5/5 Stars

     I was given a copy of Myan Blue to review and I was excited as hell because I planned on buying it as soon as it was released. I still plan on snapping up the paperback because that is a cover that shouldn't be hidden on a Kindle screen. The Sisters Of Slaughter have been making quite a name for themselves in the horror genre and I for one am a huge fan. Forget this idea that women can't write horror because they can. The Sisters write horror that's so good it'll reach up and smack your momma! This is a debut that a lot of writers and horror fans have been chomping at the bit for and Mayan Blue is one hell of a debut.

      What I love the most about this is that sure, this may be their debut, but Michelle and Melissa write with confidence and a knack for …