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Turning Face

Turning Face - Terry M. West 4/5

        I received a copy of Turning Face in exchange for an honest review and to be perfectly honest I'm a fan of West's and have been since Heroin In The Magic Now. What I like about West is that he's always evolving and no matter what I've read I've never been disappointed. West writes fiction that mixes in pieces of horror, bizarro, and sometimes a bit of gore when the story calls for it. When you read a West novella you know that you're in for a good solid read. From Heroin to the Car-Nex series these are all solid novellas. West has a distinctive style that keeps you reading and you form bonds with the characters that he creates. These are stories that move quickly and demand your full attention.

      As a horror and wrestling fan I have to admit that I was nervous. Usually books like these fail because the author is trying to hard to please everyone. With Turning Face even the most jaded wrestling fan will find some…

With Tooth And Claw Review

With Tooth And Claw - Jim Goforth 5/5

      Plebs was one of the best horror novels of 2014. It was an old school splatterpunk novel that turned the dial up to eleven and ripped your face clean off. How in the hell do you top that? It seems as if Goforth is everywhere these days and as we wait for his latest full length novel we have With Tooth And Claw to tide us over. This is a collection of six short stories and a novella that proves that Plebs wasn't a fluke. Horror it seems has lost it's edge and while some horror writers will use gore and violence as a character, Goforth makes it a part of the plot. These six tales are dark and build a nice link to the foundation that he had successfully built with his debut novel. For fans of Plebs Goforth adheres to the motto of; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." He is a solid writer that proves that you can craft a horror tale without an overabundant amount of gore. There is a bit of gore and sex here but…

Clown Fellas

Clown Fellas - Carlton Mellick III  3/5

    I received the latest CMII novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

     I've just finished an advanced copy of the latest CMIII novel and I have to admit I'm still not sure what to write. I've been a fan of bizarro for almost five years and I often wondered what would happen if mainstream publishers decided finally start releasing bizarro titles. We now have the answer. Carlton's latest release is being published by the Random House imprint Hydra, and I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand this Carlton Mellick III. The guy's an underground legend and I delved into this with the idea that it would be an instant classic. Problem is this doesn't feel like a Mellick book. This is being touted as Urban Fantasy and yeah, I guess it fits, but this is the guy who gave us surreal classics like The Haunted Vagina, and the Menstruating Mall. I was expecting the usual surreal Mellick that writes these …