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The Lords Of Salem

The Lords Of Salem - Rob Zombie With B.K, Evenson    4/5

     For fans of Rob Zombie’s The Lords OF Salem there’s a lot more to love with the novelization. While some films allow authors to adapt their films into books Zombie has taken a new approach and allowed the book to compliment the film. What that means is that seeing the movie and then reading the book are two different experiences. The book is more detailed than the film and you get another aspect to the story. There are some scenes that are in the book that don’t exist on film. While it’s okay to watch the film and not read the book,  if you’re a fan of the film you’ll want to read the book.

     It widens the history of the witches and you see what happens and why they’re seeking their revenge. The book gives more detail to the characters in a way that the film couldn’t and sometimes because of this the book does drag a bit The book may not even be written by Zombie himself, but B.K. doesn't do a bad job with the…

Edward Lee Goon

Edward Lee - Goon 5/5

     Edward Lee is the king of Gore. Fans know exactly what they're getting into as soon as they crack open one of his books. Lee takes every single rule of horror and throws it out the window, and with it goes the idea that in order to be successful you have to be politically correct. Lee can and does craft novels that are shocking, and violent, but that's why Lee is so good. Are his books implausible? Sure, but so what. Most fiction that you read is implausible anyway so who cares. Lee is a legend of splatter punk and Goon is a continuation of his legacy. Then you add his co-writer or co-conspirator to the mix and you have a novel that is so over the top there's almost a comedic effect to it.

     Goon is a fast paced book that combines your traditional horror tale and combines it with a pro-wrestler who also happens to be a serial killer. Goon is a walking nightmare that takes hits like no ones business, but throughout the novel you really don…

Whispers Review

This is my first review here and I figured we'd go over the ratings a little. I thought about this all day and wanted to keep it as simple as possible. No stars, no skulls, or middle fingers. So instead of getting some fancy graphics or some cool as rating system you get numbers. They range from 1-5 If a book gets a 1 it's a shit sandwich and should be avoided at all costs and I think you can figure out the rest of the numbers. People want things fast and easy, kind of like your mom. So here is my first review and if you like it comment, if you hate it comment. If you want people to see it, share it.

     Whispers Vol 1 - Stuart Keane  5/5

          Whispers is a short story collection that compiles material from various anthologies that Stuart's been a part of. Even if you've already read these Whispers is still worth a look because it shows a writer who has the ability to write in a variety of genres. These are dark, twisted stories that explore fear and what I …

The Lost Stuart Keane Interview

Awhile back I was given an opportunity to interview Stuart Keane. If you have no idea who he is head over to Amazon and check out one of his books. I stumbled onto his book The Customer Is Always... and have been a fan ever since. This guy knows horror and I'm glad that I get to put this out even though it may be a little dated. My thanks to Stuart for giving me the okay to put this up. 

Q. First thanks for agreeing to do this. This shouldn’t be too painful

A. Charlotte is your latest novella. Where did the idea come from? It’s truly terrifying as a parent to see the other side of the invisible friend. Have you received any complaints from parents?
Funnily enough, the idea came from a simple image of a young girl. She was holding a particularly bedraggled doll…and the idea spawned from there. She looked so dejected, lonely and sad. I remember growing up as a kid and being bullied and ignored by kids and teachers in school. My parents, thankfully, were awesome, but I can imagine…

Here Is The Goal

As an author myself I wanted a place to share my favorite books and even do some interviews. I wanted to do something that would allow me share a variety of different genres and welcome fans of horror, bizarro, and even splatterpunk. I read a lot of weird stuff and I know that there are people out there who are just like me. I have another blog but wanted to create one that I can use strictly for books and shit. A little corner where I can vent and promote books that I like and I think others would enjoy as well. If I like an author or a publisher people should know about them. I want this to be a spot where you can discover something and have not feel as if you're going to be hit with a million promotions. You know what I'm talking about.

     I do have a couple of interviews that I conducted that were supposed to be released somewhere else but they were never used so I think that would be a good place to start. Also I can use this to promote some really cool books, and …