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Butt Stuff (The Book) - Jeff O'Brien 5/5 stars

       So, clearly the title of the book should be an indicator of what you're dealing with before you even read it. If you're easily triggered, or lack a sense of humor, you're going to hate this book. Before we even begin I should tell you that Jeff is the kind of writer who writes what he wants, and he doesn't really care about rules, and crosses over into the land of bad taste quite often. That's why he's such a good writer. He taps into that inner twelve year old in us that loves cheesy horror films, and juvenile comedy. The point is, Butt Stuff is a great introduction to his work. These are stories that are often laugh out loud funny while bordering on offensive to people who have no sense of humor. I would say to start here to get what O'Brien's work is about and then go into his other releases.

      Butt Stuff is a collection of short fiction that gives us exactly what we expect. It's chock…
Cannibal Cheerleader - Tiffany Drake 5/5 stars

       When you see a book with the title Cannibal Cheerleader you have to read it because you know what to expect right out of the gate. This isn't going to break the sound barrier of decent, well written literature, but it's to be expected. If you had to describe this book it's pretty much exactly what you would expect. You're typical fish out of water story except the fish is a cannibal who is being hunted by the police. It's a mixture of Encino Man, and My Fair Lady, but it's actual a decent read. It's the perfect B-movie except it's in book form, and all of the typical cliches are there front and center.

        Drake knows how to pace to pace the novel with enough laughs and cheese to keep it from growing stale. You know Chase is never going to fully reform, or even resemble a decent human and I expected that. I laughed out loud several times while reading this and she presents the cheerleaders exactl…
The Daughter - Lucy Dawson 5/5 stars

       The Daughter is an interesting book with an interesting premise, but I don't think you can call it straight up a straight up suspense thriller despite there being moments where it does follow the pattern. It's a novel filled with emotion, and decisions that no one should be forced to make especially after losing a child. When you have a book like this it's easy to latch onto a specific theme to hook your readers, and toward the last half of the book we find Dawson switching gears a bit and hit us with an interesting twist. Of course at the forefront the drive, and motivating force is all about the emotional impact key decisions cause.

       While I did enjoy The Daughter, there are certain things that really made me roll my eyes. The thing is, I get the why, but it just doesn't come off as believable. Case in point the scene in the restaurant in which Jess tells Simon good-bye. While it shows the anguish Simon's wife is …