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Imperial Bedrooms

Imperial Bedrooms - Bret Easton Ellis 3/5 stars

     The question here is did we really need a sequel to Less Than Zero? If you haven't read that novel you should. It's a fine debut and one that some people regard as a classic. The answer is a resounding no because you can't really do a sequel to a novel like that. The characters just aren't that interesting. They're shallow, and boring so what would the sequel even be about? Then the question of why did Ellis do a sequel and the answers are easy to come by. Money, a career slump? Makes sense and as I began to read Imperial Bedrooms I wondered if I would regret it.

      Bedrooms picks up after twenty-five years after the events of Less Than Zero and the characters once again are shallow and haven't really changed all that much. Clay is now a screen writer and the others are really just props to keep the novel moving forward. Rip the drug dealer actually is a huge part of this one and as the novel wears on…

Cemetery Girl

Cemetery Girl - David Bell  5/5 stars

      David Bell's debut novel is a dark disturbing tale that goes places that most novels won't go because they want to create this warm fuzzy feeling that leaves readers weeping and running off to their book clubs demanding that this be their next read. Let's be honest here and admit that the world is a messed up place so why should we read a novel that presents the dark side of human nature? Why should we read Cemetery Girl? The answer is simple. It's as close to reality as you're going to get in popular fiction. We've read the stories about kidnapped kids and everyone lives happily ever after. What if they don't? What if some writer decided to tackle the grim reality of what could happen?

      Bell's novel is full of flawed characters. The parents are divided and on the verge of divorce and it's even hinted at that the wife is having an affair with the pastor. The father refuses to let go which if you…

The James H Longmore Interview

James H Longmore is a talented writer that clearly doesn't follow any set genre or rules. No matter what you pick up you're in for one helluva read and he was willing to allow me to interview him. If you haven't heard of him you will. It's just a matter of time. Thanks James for taking the time to answer a few questions 

First I have to ask where did the idea for The Erotic Sexual Odyssey Of Colton Forshay come from? 

A: Strangely enough, I actually dreamt the opening line ‘it was raining bodily fluids again…’ and coupled that with a stray memory of a TV show I saw years ago about a guy who was in a relationship with his car (I remember to this day the abject look of sheer disappointment on the guy’s father’s face as his grown-ass son explained to him how he and the car made love. The book just kinda grew from there…  

Was there ever moment while you’re writing it and think; “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” 

A: I set out to write a novel that I’d imagine the M…

The Bazaar Is Open

Stephen King The Bazaar of Bad Dreams 5/5 stars

       I’ve had Bazaar of Bad Dreams since November of last year but I avoided it because there were always other books that I needed to review or there was a story that I needed to write. If you’ve read my reviews before you know that I have a love hate relationship with the later releases that King has written. On my shelf are UK editions of Misery, The Dark Half, The Tommy Knockers, and Four Past Midnight as well shit I have yet to read. Lisey’s Story, Cell, The Dome, and more. King was a huge influence on my writing and it pains me to say that I’m more of a casual fan now and not the constant reader I used to be.

     Bazaar of Bad Dreams is the latest in King’s collection of short fiction. We know how this works. Among the gems are a lot of filler. It’s something we’ve come to expect. I’ve read them all with the exception of Everything’s Eventual and the novella collection Full Dark No Stars. Dreams sat on my tablet for months and…

Bizarro Erotica

The Erotic Odyssey Of Colton Forshay - James A. Longmore 5/5 stars

Just from reading the opening line of James Longmore’s new book you immediately know that you’re in trouble. It may be both the greatest, and most disturbing opening to a novel I’ve ever read. It’s almost as disturbing as Edward Lee’s House/Pig. I could hear the Weather Girl’s in my head singing; “It’s raining jizz, hallelujah, it’s raining jizz.” Once you make it past that you’re in one for one hell of a ride. This is a novel that can only be described as bizarro erotica which I didn’t even know existed until now. You won’t find too many reviews because in all honesty how the hell do you review it?
     Longmore wants your attention and if you make it through the entire novel you’ll see that this guy knows how to write a story full of bizarre sex and intriguing characters. I also would like to know where the hell the idea came from. On second thought never mind. I liked the novel and the idea that Colton has these biza…

The Kasey Hill Interview

Kasey Hill was kind enough to take some time out from her crazy schedule to answer some of my questions. Along with writing she's also involved with Fat Lip Press. Her novel The Wastelands Of Oz is available now 

Your new novel Wastelands of Oz is a new take on the mythos of The Wizard Of Oz. How hard was it to write? 

A: It wasn’t hard at all. Once I came up with the concept, it just flowed from my fingers.

Where did the idea come from?

A: My daughter sat and watched the Wizard of Oz for a week straight all day every day. I decided it was time for a new take on the old Oz

When is the 2nd novel coming out and what can we expect?

A: The second novel I plan to release next year. This one goes back to the beginning and gives a new explanation as to why the Wicked Witch became wicked. It will be followed by the Red Sorceress, a follow up to Wastelands and Maryjane, and then Emma (one of the main characters from Wastelands) with a surprise twist on her fate. 

Any other projects coming out…

Parental Advisory Explicit Content!

Gore Zone! 15 Tales Of Extreme Gore And Terror - Wesley Thomas 5/5 stars

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    Not too long ago I got a message from Wesley asking me if I'd be interested in reviewing his new short story collection. The moment he said that his editor and proof reader found it offensive I knew I had to read it. I had reviewed one of his books before and he was kind enough to message me and thank me. This is a writer that takes all of the feedback that he gets and uses it. Good or bad. As a writer myself I respect that and promised myself that once I had a chance  I would read another of his books and well here we are. Thanks Wesley for the arc of Gore Zone. 

      If you've read my reviews before you know how I like my splatterpunk. I love gore, and I love reading shit that most people won't. I write the same kind of stuff b…
The Year's Best Hardcore Horror Vol 1 - Edited By Randy Chandler & Cheryl Mullenax 3 out of of stars

      When it comes to hardcore horror or splatterpunk there are two distinct types. The first goes straight for the gross out without any thought to plot, and the second layers the gore into the story sort of like a literary cake. A lot of anthologies like this either lean too far to one side and favor the gore while sacrificing the plot which tends to alienate readers. Hardcore isn't just another anthology it's boastful and wants to be different. It wants people to feel comfortable in the fact that it's the best of the best. There may be anthologies like it, but this one far different. It's a valiant effort and for the most part it just falls a little short in places. A lot of anthologies sometimes do. It's not because of the writers and more the editors trying to fit in different styles that cater to a wider audience of readers.

      To be fair there …

You Wanted The Best And You Got The Best, The Hottest Band In The World, KISS

Nothin' to Lose: The Making of KISS (1972-1975) - Ken Sharp, Gene Simmons, And Paul Stanley 5/5 stars

     As a fan of Kiss I thought I knew everything there was to know about the band. I read all of the bios that the original four members released so when I heard about Nothin' To Lose I wasn't all that excited because I was sure that there would be nothing new to add. We've already got all of the stories from four different sources. Why do we need another book? What's left to tell that Paul and Gene haven't already told us?

     That's the draw for Nothin' to Lose. It takes you to be beginnings of the band and their struggle to succeed. When Kiss started they were innovative, yet no one actually saw it that way. Critics hated them, the press ignored them, and everyone thought that Kiss was a too gimmicky. No one expected them to be successful unless you saw them live then you knew that these four masked musicians were changing the way that concerts wer…

We're Off To See The Red Sorceress

The Wastelands Of Oz (Return To Oz Book 1) - Kasey Hill 5/5 Stars

      This isn't the Oz you grew up with, This one is darker, and far bleaker than than the Oz you remember. The interesting aspect of Wasteland is that Kasey clearly has a respect for what Baum has created while taking it into a new direction. There are countless other Oz related books and each has something to offer while trying something unique. Hill has tapped into the magical side of things and for the most part it works. She has a knack for creating memorable characters, but as a guy there were a few scenes that just didn't work for me but the thing is that I don't think Wastelands was written for a male audience. Some of the interactions between Mary Jane and Charlie drove me nuts.  These are well thought out characters but they react to each other sometimes just seemed cheesy and took away from the power of the story.

     Overall, Kasey does a great job of crafting an interesting story with a vil…