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The Memory Box - Eva Lasko Natiello 2/5 stars

There are a lot of books on my tablet. Way, way too many and the Memory Box was a book I had stumbled upon, but just never read. It seemed promising, so I began to read it, and then I began to question my judgment. Caroline is sucked into Googling herself, and finds that there are only three hits, but then she Googles her maiden name and that's where the fun begins. Things quickly unravel, and she finds out that she's forgotten some very important parts of her life. These are things no one should forget. I instantly wanted to stop reading because I didn't like Caroline all that much. As a character, she's weak, and boring. It's the way she reacts to things that annoyed the hell out of me. She volunteers at her children's school and is faced with questions, so instead of just excusing herself she trips, and pulls the fire alarm and makes her escape. It's shit like this that irritated me, and I knew that I sho…
Let's Go Play At The Adams' - Mendel W. Johnson 4/5 stars

This is one of those books that always end up on someone's top ten list of great horror novels, but I could never get my hands on a copy. One look at the going price for a battered uses copy is insane. Is this book really that good? I was on my library app and saw that one of the libraries my local branch partners with had one so I put a hold on it and waited for it too arrive. I would soon find out if all the hype was truly deserved.

       As soon as it arrived, I ran to the library and with shaking hands, I opened up the cover. This was the moment I had waited so long for but what if it didn't live up to its reputation? Books do that sometime, and it's always frustrating when expectations don't meet reality. It happens all the time. You meet a girl, and you think this could be the one, but she turns into a raving psycho a week into the relationship. Sometimes, books gain a reputation just because of t…
The Sleep - Jim Goforth 5/5 stars

     I was given a sneak peek of The Sleep and should've reviewed this already, but I'm a bit of a slacker when it comes to prompt reviews. I did enjoy this one a lot, and feel that as a writer, Jim is finally hitting his stride. Each novel is better than the one before it, but you can still see who his influences are, yet it doesn't come off as a rip off at all. This is dark, classic horror, with a simple plot, and enough violence to keep fans happy. The Sleeper is the sort of novel that makes you look at thunderstorms in a different way. We know how powerful they are, but then Jim comes along and gives you something new to fear. This is the mark of a great writer. Instead of latching onto the latest trend, or retreading ideas that already exist, Jim creates something unique, and yes quite terrifying.

     The Sleep feels like a movie in book form, and it moves at a steady clip. You are pulled into the story and like the characters, y…