The Shaun Hupp Collection

     The Shaun Hupp Collection Vol 1 5/5


      For about I week I kept hearing about this book. Even got invited to the release party on Facebook, but I fell asleep. I did buy a copy though and dove in not long after. After hearing about this book so much I wondered if the hype was worth it. Let's be honest and admit that there are a lot of indie horror writers vying for your attention. I'm one of them. Facebook is a great way to get noticed. Of course if you write a terrible book it's just a waste of everyone's time. 

     The collection is reality based horror. There's no zombies or other cliched monsters running amok. These are far worse because they just so happen to be people that we're supposed to trust. That's what makes these stories so terrifying. You do have Emrys who is telling these tales to random (or are they?) people on a subway. Make no mistake though, Emrys is no Crypt Keeper, or a mindless narrator. He is an integral part of the book. Once you finish these short stories there's an unexpected surprise waiting for you. There should be some kind of warning about violence. If you're easily offended maybe you shouldn't read this, but then again you should anyway. 

     As a writer Hupp has a knack for weaving together plots that keep you interested and the violence and horror is the glue that holds it all together. We see that in the world around us there are bad people everywhere, but Hupp goes one step further and introduces us to people that we would never suspect of doing such unspeakable acts. As I read this I became of a fan of Hupp's because you can tell that he loves horror, and as a horror fan I love stories like these. They keep the genre growing. As a writer Hupp travels into the dark to create something unique. The Shaun Hupp collection is a must read collection. These are stories that should be read and read often.