Benjamin - Pedro Proenca 5/5


     If you look at my Goodreads reviews you'll see that I was a huge fan and supporter of Bizarro fiction. I had become bored with popular fiction and bizarro was exactly what I had been looking for. It was insane and didn't follow any rules. Unfortunately I began to drift away from the genre but occasionally I'd peek back in when the right book came along.

     Pedro was kind enough to give me a copy of Benjamin and I have to say that this guy truly loves this genre and it shows in his writing. Instead of emulating his heroes in the genre he takes that influence and creates something unique and truly bizarre. This is why I started reading bizarro. As a debut it's quite strong and you can see that Pedro is finding his voice, but make no mistake, this is a debut to be proud of.

     Benjamin is a story about destiny, or maybe it's about reincarnation. Pedro has given us a hero who also happens to be a balloon. As the story builds and evolves we see that Benjamin is a very special balloon. He has a purpose and that is where the story truly reaches its apex. As a story teller Pedro knows how to capture his readers. It's a story that borders on the absurd, but that's the interesting part of the. There's something here that anyone can pick up on and give their own interpretation of what Benjamin and the Nexus is. I have a feeling about Pedro. He's going to be a rising star in the Bizarro genre. It's a fascinating debut that shows us a writer with a bright future ahead of him.