Realms Of The Dead

    Realms Of The Dead - William Todd Rose 2/5


       Here we have two novellas in one nice convenient ebook. It's not exactly a horror story even though there are elements of horror involved. It deals more with death and the herding of wayward souls. Not what I normally read but these two novellas were actually well written and would make an excellent movie or television series. I think the main problem I had was that it seemed to drag a bit and the books themselves aren't very long. The idea of a guy herding souls like cattle sounds interesting and it is for the most part. William has a knack for telling a great story and you almost become a participant due to his various descriptions of the cutscenes.

     I'm just not a big fan of these kinds of novels. I struggled to finish it because my mind kept drifting. Maybe it was due to the books being so short. There is a lot of great ideas housed withing these pages but I think something longer would have made it more exciting. I gave it two stars because I wanted it to be better than it was. It's a surreal novel that opens up the idea of death to be more than just this idea of heaven and hell or even the fact that your soul doesn't travel at all. Rose will make you think, but the novels themselves are just okay.