Monsterland - Michael Phillip Cash  3/5


      I snagged this off of Netgalley based on the cover and then the blurb. It sounds intriguing and as a horror fan this looked like a win, This a premise that hadn't been done before, and it felt to me like it would be a nice spin on Jurassic Park. It starts out strong but then kind of falters at the end. It's not a bad novel but it just feels like it needs less of a morality play and way more gore. These are legendary monsters in a theme park! I expected things to go sour, but I thought that there would be more blood, more focus on the monsters themselves. These are the stars of the novel, and their pissed off. I want to see the vengeance played it in a more violent fashion! What I got though was a novel meant maybe for teens? I dunno, but the thing is you have the mad scientist who seems like the world's savior, but is really well you'll just have to read it to find out.

     Cash is a decent writer but at times it feels as if he's unsure of the direction he wants to go. He has this great set of characters that are heading into this park and then it just kinda slows down. This is the kind of novel that horror fans would jump on and its heart is in the right place, but it just feels a bit predictable. We can what's coming a mile away and sure, he's a good story teller but there are so many other directions that he could have ventured into to give this book some serious bite.

     It's an interesting read though and fans of light horror will find a lot to like here, and that's not bad thing at all. The premise is strong and if you enjoy novels that have interesting characters and a quick moving plot this is the book for you. Horror fans on the other hand may be dissapointed though because it's jut not that frightening. It's a novel about corruption and greed. We see who the real monsters of Monsterland really are they aren't the ones the park's visitors are being protected from. I think that's the true message of Monsterland.