A Head Full Of Ghosts

     A Head Full Of Ghosts - Paul Tremblay 5/5



       I have been hearing about this book for quite awhile now, but sadly I'm one of those people that balk at paying 12.99 for a digital book, and will only fork over 12-13 dollars for a physical copy if it's written by an indie writer I want to support. So when Head dropped to a buck ninety nine I clicked the buy button and allowed it to sit on my Kindle app for awhile. Surely you've heard about this book. Stephen King has said that it scared the hell out of him and I've read Stephen King's latest books and the only thing scary about him is that he's still writing. The question is, should you read Ghosts? Does it live up to the praise, and hype it's received?

    It does. There are certain parts of this book that had me flinging my tablet onto the couch and announcing that I was done. Fuck this book. The thing is that Tremblay has written one hell of a novel. It will creep you out, keep you guessing until the very end, and even when you've read it, you have to allow it sink in a little. It's more than a story of possession, greed, and whatever other reviewers tell you it is. It's a book that has to be read and experienced in order to understand just how good it is. I can understand why everyone is talking about this book, and the hype isn't bullshit. Tremblay has written a great horror novel that taps into so many different emotions, and genres that it all just blends together and makes for some highly addictive reading.

     The story is told from Mary's perspective, but fifteen years after the events. It would be easy for Tremblay to come right out and say whether Marjorie is, or isn't possessed. That's the easy way though and A Head Full of Ghosts doesn't make anything easy. A great story teller presents a story but it's up to the reader to figure out the why and the what. Even when you think you have all the answers you find out that you're wrong. This is a book that shifts the horror landscape and ups the ante a bit.

     Ghosts is going to be on a lot of end of the year lists and for good reason. It transcends the horror genre and becomes a novel that stands on its on. It never loses steam and as a writer Tremblay knows how to hook his audience. This is one novel that you should read even if you're not a horror fan. I wish that this were a book that were easier to review, but in order to explain it you have to give away some spoilers and that would be unfair to those who want to read it. Is it worth picking up and reading? Hell yeah it is and it's without a doubt one of my favorite novels that I plan on revisiting very soon.