Stuart Keane - Grin 5/5


      I cannot say enough good things about Stuart. This is a guy knows horror and he has a knack for going deep into the muck and the mire of the dark side of humanity. If you see Stuart's name on a book then you know it's going to be good. He shows us that the monsters sometimes wear human faces and in Grin they will slaughter your whole family and leave you disfigured. Reading Grin you can't help but feel Dani's pain and look forward to the moment when she finally sets out to get her revenge. I thought  that Cine was Keane's best book, but I was wrong. The thing about Keane is that with each book he evolves, and that's what a writer does. You can see that he's at that point where he can write whatever he wants and you know that it's going to knock you on your ass. That's just how Keane rolls.

      Grin is almost a horror/ action novel that slowly builds until the bloody climax. There's a warning label about some scenes may disturb for a reason. Make no mistake though this isn't just about pushing out a bunch of violence to sell books. This is a tale of vengeance. You can see yourself as Dani, and doing the same exact thing. The plot moves quickly and we see Dani's sanity begin to slip a little as her need for revenge overpowers her. It's Dani's story that makes this novel so good. Keane could have painted her as a victim that accepts her fate and just moves on with her life.

     Problem with that is that it would have made the book weak and less powerful. We want to watch Dani get her revenge. When the story begins to hit its conclusion we're cheering for her, and want to see her succeed. Keane is a talented writer that knows how to hook his readers. Grin is the type of novel that moves quickly and presents us with a highly addicting story that will no doubt unnerve, and yes, even shock you, It's the type of horror novel that people forget exists. It has a classic old school feel to it and that's not a bad thing. Grin fits into a lot of genres, but doesn't feel weighted down or preachy. It could have easily went down that path but it doesn't. Thanks Stuart!

     If you've never read a Stuart Keane book this is a good place to start. For the fans it's an evolution of a talented writer. This is how you build a career folks. Keane is the kind of writer that horror fans enjoy because there's no bullshit. He knows how to craft a story and each book is better than the one before it. This is a writer that'll be around for a long time and I keep waiting for mainstream audiences and pick this guy up. Easily a five star book. You should click the above link and buy this now.