The Jason Wayne Allen Interview

            The Jason Wayne Allen Interview 

      Jason Wayne Allen has written stories for quite a few anthologies. Strange Vs. Lovecraft, Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang! and he also edited his own anthology 50 Secret Tales of the Whispering Gash: A Queefrotica in 2014. He's just released his own novella through Morbid Books entitled Ichthyic in the Afterglow.

     Ichthyic in the Afterglow was released by Morbid Books. This is a publisher that's known for its harder edge. It's like the ECW of publishing. How has that affected your writing style?

    A: I’ve always written dark and violent horror stories, but have had more success with the Bizarro genre, so far. My fear with publishing with Morbidbooks was I didn’t think Ichthyic was dark or violent enough! Morbid’s roster has some hardcore guys and girls, I mean Jonathan Moon, Dani Brown, Michael Noe, you guys are maniacs! But I think the dark and violent elements balanced out pretty well.  (Thanks man, I often feel that I'm not violent enough so it's cool to be labeled a maniac)
    Where did the idea for Afterglow come from? I remember you saying it was more of comedic piece but after reading it I can't see it.

    A: The idea came from the short story The Repairer of Reputations by Robert W. Chambers, then snowballed from there. The original draft was more comedy-driven, but I revamped it for Morbidbooks. It was more cartoony, and for Morbid I wrote it to be more real, and added like 30 more pages from the original draft doing that

    Any other Morbid releases coming out?

    A: Not currently, but I have some stuff for other presses coming. I co-wrote an absurd erotica book called Pounded by a Pound Sign with my buddy Don Noble coming out soon and I can’t wait to announce the publisher, and I have a Bizarro collection called The Meat Parade coming from Riot Forge Books.
    For awhile you just pulled the plug on Facebook. What happened and where did you go?

    A: Nowhere really. I needed to get some writing done, and Facebook was just becoming to compulsory so I stopped for a couple months.

        Has married life affected your writing at all? I know that when I got into a relationship I was scared to death that I would lose my edge. I was this hard core splatterpunk guy and I was seriously afraid that I would get soft.

       A: Not really. My wife encourages me a lot, and as far as content nothing’s really changed.

      Aside from Lovecraft who are are some of your biggest influences?

       A:  Henry Miller, Joseph S. Pulver, William Burroughs, Carlton Mellick, Edward Lee, Bradley Sands, Stephen King, Douglas Hackle, W.H. Pugmire…Jesus, I could be here all day.

      You have mentioned that there a lot of politics being played in the publishing industry how has that affected your writing? Was there ever a moment where you thought fuck it, that's it I'm not writing anymore?

      A:  Not really. I love writing, and if worse comes to worse anyone could just self-publish.

     Rotgut County Blues is one of my favorite books. Any chance of it being rereleased? Will there ever be a sequel?

     A:  There may be a follow-up, and I appreciate the kind words, but as of right now I don’t have a lot of interest in doing that kind of writing. To be honest, I’d like to retcon that book out of my history. The publishing process of it was just a very negative experience.

     What projects are you currently working on? Will there be a sequel to Afterglow? Lots of short stories, and finishing my collection, The Meat Parade. I’ve been wanting to do a sleazy Chuck Tingle-style erotica book, too. So that may happen.

     What advice would you give writers? 
    A: Just sit down and write! Also, be honest and don’t pull punches.

   This is your chance to plug as much shit as you can think of. And I also wanted to thank you for agreeing to do this.

   Please check out Ichthyic in the Afterglow from MorbidbookS and watch out for Punded by a Pound Sign and The Meat Parade! Thanks so much, Michael!

You're welcome and also check Amazon for other anthologies that Jason's been included in