Gillian's Marsh

     Michael Faun - Gillian's Marsh 5/5

  Michael Faun's newest novella may be short but sometimes the shortest books pack the biggest punch. If you've ever read Michael's work you know that he often mixes in a variety of genres to create something unique, but this time he's written a straight up horror novel that holds back just a little and the results are quite stunning. Taking the idea of the occult and the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials and blending them together you get Gillian Marsh. This is by far the best novel that Faun has written. This is a writer who has attempted to stretch beyond his comfort zone and it works.

     Gillian's Marsh has a classic horror feel to it while keeping just a hint of splatterpunk. As a writer Faun knows how to create a readable story, and the detail presented brings these characters to life. Throughout history we have always been taught to that witches are evil, but what if there is something far darker and far more sinister just beyond our realm of understanding? This is a novel that embraces the dark and it hinges on paranoia. While most horror novels tend to dwell on the silliness factor, Faun plays it straight and never ventures into the overly cheesy to hook his readers.

     The fact is that Faun has created something unique and reminds us why darker fiction is so good. You don't need cheap scares to grab a readers attention. Gillian's Marsh is a damn good horror novella that is dark and often disturbing. Horror fans are always looking for something different and this time a writer has delivered. If you like your horror dark and a little disturbing do yourself a favor and pick this one up.