A God Of Hungry Walls

A God Of Hungry Walls   5/5


        I received an advance copy of Walls from Deadite Press in exchange for an honest review. The book isn't available until October First and I don't believe it's up for pre-order either. I don't even know if I'm supposed to be reviewing this early but after seeing the cover and reading the blurb I couldn't wait to dive into this. This is Garret's first horror release and of course with Deadite Press being the publisher this has all the makings of a classic. Think of this as not only a review but a glimpse of hell and Cook is your Fedora wearing tour guide. I'm just a guy strapped into the seat wondering what the hell I''ve got myself into.

     Garrett takes everything you thought you knew about ghosts and haunted houses and gives the genre a new, and much needed spin. This is a story told by the ghost himself or as he likes to call himself God. This isn't Casper either. This is an evil entity that calls himself God and he wants nothing more than to trap you within his walls. A God Of Hungry Walls is an assault on all of your senses, and leaves you mentally exhausted. This is perverse, sick, and strips away all sense of dignity. This is a classic splatterpunk novel that doesn't just tell you a story it shows it you in shocking detail. Garrett never lets you breath. He keeps whittling away at your senses until you reach the end of the book. You will either love this or you will hate it. There is no middle ground.

     It's the pacing that I loved about Houses. You would think that because it's a ghost story there would be some ghostly activity like you see on Ghost Hunters, but here it's all about brutality and exposing weakness. When you take a second to look at the entity himself you see that he explores the weaknesses in people, and exposes it until he claims them. Garrett's ghost is all about ownership and making sure that he remains God, He takes what he wants and there's just no escape. There has never been a book like this and I have a feeling that soon we will see tons of these.

     Cook has written something that redefines a genre. It's a dark, and vile work that most horror fans won't understand, and may in fact run away from. A God Of Hungry Walls is almost as perverse as Edward Lee's The Pig/House, and reminds us just how great splatterpunk can be. When this is released do yourself a favor and pick this up.