Cine - Stuart Keane 5/5



     I started Cine after reading another novel knowing that I should have just gone to bed. I knew better, yet I started at about 12 A.M. early Monday and finally finished at about two. I was late to work and it's all Stuart's fault. See, Stuart is the kind of writer that writes stuff that is highly addicting. You want to stop reading yet you just can't tear your eyes away. Cine is probably the best book that Keane has written. It takes it's influence from guys like Barker, and yes even Laymon and presents a story that flows like blood from a freshly severed vein. This is a guy that loves horror and it shows.

     If you've read the blurb you know what the story is about and I can tell you that the next time you're in a movie theater and the lights go down you're going to get a little nervous.  Cine is about greed, and desire. At it's core the ugliness that society has become is what propels this story. The quest to achieve greatness through film. Cine is the ultimate film and as it reaches its stunning climax you may want to turn away but you won't. Keane is the kind of writer that moves his stories at a steady gallop. You don't get a chance to breath very often. This is a book that fans of gore will love while the story itself is what makes this such a good book.One thing that I've always found interesting about Keane's work is that the violence is interwoven throughout the story. In a way he's like Laymon. He gives us human monsters, and their depravity is an integral part of the book. These are people with one goal and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

     As a writer he's starting to hit his stride and Cine is a horror novel is dark and disturbing, but it's also a book that reminds us that horror isn't as dead as people would have you believe. This is a book that presents us with something we haven't seen before and as Cine evolves we see just what Whispers Cinema has in store for the unsuspecting residents of Lake Whisper. As a horror fan I highly recommend Cine as well as all of Stuart's work. This is a writer who is constantly evolving and giving us something we haven't seen before. Keane is a horror writer that shouldn't be missed.