The Dude has issues

   The Day I Stop Dreaming About Some Porn Star from the 90s named Sunny Jeff O'Brien 5/5 Stars

     I can't really talk a lot of shit about this book, I mean I could, but it would be pretty mean because this is a free ezine. For fans it's like a stop gap between releases so you kind of get something to tide you over, or if you keep asking him for a new book this should keep you quiet so he can play with his dogs, and smoke cigars. In all seriousness I have nothing to complain about here. As a fan, I got some really cool stories that once again prove why Jeff has such a strong under ground following. Each of these stories are hilarious and remind us why we like him so much. The fact that they were inspired by porn makes them that much cooler because no one admits that they like porn. The only thing that I didn't care for was the Morrissey essay because no one actually gives a shit about the guy, or The Smiths. I'm lying about not liking it, I did, but I had to give Jeff some shit about his love for such a shitty band.

     If you have never heard of O'Brien and want to see what all the fuss is about this is a nice intro into his fiction. You get to read a book for free and if you like it, you can buy more. If you buy more books, he gains new fans which is really all of us writers want to do. We would like to make money, but it's not a realistic dream or goal. The bad news is that for those who don't like Jeff, nothing's changed. He's still writing the same stuff that could be classified as bizarro, or as I like to call it B-rate fiction. It's the kind of stuff that makes you chuckle for reasons you can only describe. Everyone reacts and laughs in different spots. Just ask the man for a copy and you too will find out just how funny the guy is. If you don't like him, well I guess it sucks to be you.