Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher  5/5

     Celebrity biographies almost always follow the same pattern, and then you read Wishful Drinking and the rules are thrown out the window. Carrie covers a lot of ground in such a short book, but through it all is a sense of humor,, and honesty over how her life has gone. The book is downright funny and Carrie is able to poke fun at herself which you hardly ever see in a book like this. It's a book you read and can't help but laugh. When you think about a celebrity you have all of these images in your head, but Carrie isn't what you expect when you think about what it's really like. It's not easy being bi-polar, and a drug addict, and Carrie is funny and yes, even a bit manic.

      There are a lot of surreal moments here, and they're all true. The drug addiction, the dead gay guy in her bed, and yes, even an ex-husband that she turned gay. If you're going to idolize a celebrity this is one you would want to idolize, or at least use as a cautionary tale. The fact that she tells her story in such a way is what makes Wishful Drinking so damn good. You almost feel as if the book was therapy in a way because it's so insane. It couldn't really happen could it? This isn't your typical bio, and I wish that more people approached these in such an honest, funny, and engaging way. You're taken for a ride that will no doubt make you laugh out loud, and that rarely happens in the world of celebrity bios. Most are bleak and depressing, but this one is a light that we didn't even know we needed or wanted to see.