Don't You Cry - Mary Kubica 5/5

     After reading The Good Girl I became a fan of Kubica. She knows how to tell a tale and packs enough detail suspense to keep your eyeballs glued to the page. Take Don't You Cry which is her second novel I believe, and just from the description alone you get a sense of what to expect. It seems simple enough right? One woman disappears in Chicago, and another appears, but there's something else going on, something that seems easy enough to figure out. Looks can be deceiving, not everything is what it appears to be. What makes the book so unique is that the story is told from two viewpoints. You have Quinn who wakes up to find her roommate suddenly missing, and then you have Alex a guy who sees a woman at a dinner and develops a crush on her. From these vantage points, you see the story from both sides. It's a style that James Patterson has perfected and Kubica has borrowed, and developed her own twist to the formula. Instead of keeping the action moving, it broadens the story so that you can draw your own conclusions, as to where everything is going to lead.

      Quinn and Alex are interesting characters in that they have their own issues that draw them to both Pearl and Esther. The mysterious Pearl just shows up one day and it seems as if the mystery is solved, Pearl is in fact Esther and Quinn is somehow this horrible roommate or something. There are even clues that begin to appear that show that Quinn is right. I loved how Kubica slowly unravels the tension, and then just when you think you have everything figured out, she changes everything. This is a writer that you can't trust because you never know where she's heading. I like that she doesn't play it safe, and truly takes her readers on a ride. When you see her name on a book cover you know that the book is going to be good, and you're going to lose some sleep as you try and finish it just so you can see how it ends.

      I like books that demand your attention and keep you guessing. This is one that takes popular fiction and makes it fun, and unpredictable. The story here, is not that simple, it allows you to think you have everything figured out, but then you realize you're wrong and you stare at the pages open mouthed wondering how you missed it. This is one book that I have to add as a favorite. I loved the plot twists, and the way she sets up these characters so that they're interesting and more than just a way to move the plot forward. Quinn and Alex are connected in a way that makes the story engrossing. Are Esther and Pearl the same woman, and what's the deal with that abandoned house? A solid five star read that truly restores my faith in popular fiction. I found a writer that doesn't go for an easy read, or treats her readers like they need a simple straight forward plot to keep them entertained. Don't You Cry is an amazing piece of fiction that everyone needs to check out.