The Hunted Tribe: Book 1: Declaration of War (Volume 1) - Roma Gray 5/5 stars 


     Roma was kind enough to give a copy of Hunted in exchange for an honest review, and I had no idea it was a young adult novel. If I had I'm not sure I would have read it, but then again I probably would have because when I was a kid I didn't read books that were age appropriate. As a writer she's got an amazing talent of pulling you into the story and you might even say that she tries too hard to make this a novel that would appeal to a wide range of readers. It's a smart novel that has a Stand By Me feel to it while incorporating witchcraft and a tribe of native Americans being hunted by the Grishla. The thing is that the novel works. The balancing act of creating a story that not only adults will read as well as their parents never crosses into the roll your eyes as Roma tries way too hard too please everyone territory. 

     This is a solid story that has characters that you can't help but like. Sean has the unfortunate task of saving the Dwanake tribe so he has to be flawed in some way, but no so much that you end up hating him. Roma has given us a story that flows well and keeps your eyes glued to the page. As the beginning of a series it doesn't grow too boring with the back story of how the Grishla came to exist. It's woven into the story in such a way that it doesn't halt the momentum of where the story is going. There are clues that tell you where the story could go next which is important in a story like this. We want a reason to keep reading the series and Roma gives us many. 
     We want to see Sean succeed and we see him growing into the strong character Roma sees him as. That's important because he's the hero in the book. If we don't like him, the book falls apart. Book 1 of the Declaration Of War series is the kind of novel that you don't just read. You become absorbed in it and hate to see it end, because now there's the long wait for the next one. Roma has talent and The Hunted Tribe is a novel that will no doubt appeal to a wide range of readers. 


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