Succubus - Wesley Thomas 3/5 stars

     I picked this up for my Kindle app for like 99 cents based on the cover and the blurb on the back. It seemed like the perfect little horror novel and for awhile it was. A little horror/mystery if you will. Leon wakes up after being in a coma for a year and then strange things begin to happen. It's a creepy tale that truly pulls you in and then the novel just seems to drag on, and on. For the most part Thomas is a good writer and gives you a likeable chap in Leon. You can relate to him, hell you want to believe that everything about Annabelle is the direct fault of his parents. There are a lot of questions that come up and then you hit the ending. It's almost like crashing into a brick wall. The pay off is surprising and laughable to say the least.

       I would have loved this book had it have been a bit shorter. There's a lot of filler here and I skimmed through a lot simply because it was starting to bore me. The fault is that the story seems to unravel and Leon's quest to find Annabelle seems to go on forever. By the end of the novel I was ready to be done with the damn thing. For a horror novel it's not bad, and there are a lot of reasons to check it, but it does have its faults. Thomas is a talented writer that often goes the creepy route. You feel bad for Leon, and that's what a good writer does. They allow you to invest in the characters and cheer them on. If the story starts to fall apart though the characters no longer matter. You just want to see how it all ends so you can say you read it.

     Is Succubus terrible? Not at all but for me it was just one hundred pages too long. Getting toward the end took forever and seemed a bit rushed. As a story it's interesting but the conclusion is where the wheels fall off. It tries to be shocking but instead makes you giggle at its ridiculousness. Casual horror fans may find this mind blowing, and maybe even brilliant, but seasoned horror fans will simply roll their eyes. There are moments here where Succubus is fantastic but in the end it's just an okay horror novel that you can read on a rainy afternoon. For the record I like the original cover better.


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