No Reason To Live And He Likes It That Way

A Series of Pained Facial Expressions Made While Shredding Air Guitar: Poems, Observations, Lists, Letters, Notes, Bullshit Aphorisms, and General Tales of Ordinary Crabbiness - Brian Alan Ellis 5/5 stars


      If I give this a bad review I'm afraid that Ellis will RKO one of his cats, or quite possibly cry himself to sleep after binge watching John Cena's Greatest Hits so what am I supposed to do lie? Here's the interesting thing about Ellis. If you haven't heard of this dude you should have. He's taking bizarro and emo fiction to new levels and then if he's feeling sad he's going to jump from that level and damn it he's taking you all with him! This is a writer that clearly has either a lot issues or a sick sense of humor. Either way anytime you pick up one of his books you have no idea what you're in for. 

     This is a book of tweets, lists, and other randomness that should be on a Twitter feed somewhere. This is a book full of sadness and crushed dreams. It's that feeling you get when you wink at a girl and she looks at some other dude so all you can do is stand there and swallow sadness. That's what makes this book so damn good. You can't tell if he's kidding. You read some of this and you wonder if these are a cry for help or someone poking fun at people that are truly dead inside. We all are in some way and while you may cringe at most of these you can't help but laugh because they're all pretty damn funny. Ellis is the guy that's so Emo he might be actually be gay. He's every Bloodhound Gang lyric that Jimmy Pop was too busy to write. 

      A Series is a book that you either get or you don't. It's not a story just a series of random stuff. A few poems here and there and enough self hate and fear to make a therapist cry. For a moment it you think this is pretty bizarre but then you laugh and feel guilty because there millions of people out there just like this. They eat ice cream out of the carton, they throw on Kiss' Asylum and cry because this is the last great 80's Kiss album. Ellis is the kind of writer that uses whatever he can to fill pages and those pages are never boring. Just a lot of fun to read. 


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