Lita Ford

    Livin' Like A Runaway - Lita Ford 5/5 Stars

      Being a kid in the '80's Lita Ford was the shit. Not only was she hot as hell but she had the talent to almost make you forget how damn hot she was. I say almost because how could you forget? The videos for Hungry and even Kiss Me Deadly got a lot of guys through puberty. When I heard about the book I had to read it. It didn't matter that I had drifted away from her music or that I sometimes found her albums a bit uneven. This was going to be one hell of a book!! I waited and watched the internet for the release date and then finally ordered it. The only other music bio that I actually bought close to the release date was Paul Stanley's. That was an interesting read and I knew that Living Like A Runaway would be as well. This was Lita Ford! It had to be good.

       I delved in as soon as it dropped and I was a little disappointed by the lack of stuff on The Runaways. This was a group that paved the way for female fronted rock bands and put Lita on the map. The book isn't boring in the least and you get to see Lita warts and all. As a person she comes off at times a bit unstable and there's plenty of sex and drugs mixed in with the rock and roll. You would think that a woman writing a bio like this would leave out some of the sex but no, it's all here with her various relationships. You get to see these guys at their absolute worst, but the thing is that while she talks about their out of control drug use she's quite the drinker herself. It's a well written book that truly captures your attention. It's got enough dirt in here to keep you hooked. For some people that's what makes these so damn readable. You want someone talking shit about someone and this doesn't let you down.

     As far as memoirs go Living Like A Runaway is Lita's story and while she may have held some stuff back it doesn't matter because even a casual rock fan will find something to like about Lita's story. It's a book that I've wanted to read for awhile it certainly doesn't hold anything back. Will it give you a new found respect for the queen of metal? Maybe but you won't be bored. As a casual Lita fan it's a good bio and for Lita fans you'll find out a lot of interesting stuff and you'll find a reason to like her even more. For me this is what I was first drawn to and maybe it's sexist but she was and is still hot.





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