Undead Fleshcrave

     Undead Fleshcrave - Jim Gorforth  5/5  http://www.amazon.com/Undead-Fleshcrave-Trigger-Jim-Goforth-ebook/dp/B01ADNDDZW/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1452549055&sr=1-1&keywords=Undead+Fleshcrave

     I received a copy of Fleshcrave directly from Jim Goforth in exchange for an honest review and all I really had at the time to go on was the cover art and the realization that Jim had a new book coming out. If you've followed my reviews on Goodreads or even here you're probably aware that his novel Plebs was one of my favorite novels of 2014. Now I'm looking at Fleshcrave and I can't help but think; What if it sucks? It's a valid question because even guys like Stephen King have a bad year right? Then I began to read it, and I breathed a sigh of relief because nothing has changed. This is one hell of a horror novel and while we all kid Jim about his huge word count the fact is I'm grateful for it. Jim writes novels the size of phone books and that's not a bad thing because the guy doesn't want to feel as if he's shortchanged his readers. His books easily top over 400 pages but there's a solid story that chugs along and the detail that Goforth gives strengthens his work. You're able to immerse yourself in the story and get to know the characters. A simple one hundred page book would not do us or Undead Fleshcrave any justice.

     Zombie novels are a dime a dozen and while most stay true to the mythos, Goforth takes a wide left and injects a huge dose of originality into it. What he's done is merged his love of metal into his horror. If you're a fan of horror and metal you'll love this because as a fan you'll get the death and back metal influences, and if you're not it's okay. It's still a classic horror novel that reminds us that if done correctly you can make any genre seem fresh and new. Jim has given the zombie genre a much needed kick in the ass and has put his own stamp on it and it works. Fleshcrave is the kind of zombie novel that is violent and brilliant in its delivery and execution. As a writer Goforth knows exactly how to tell a story. As you read it your eyes remained glued to the pages.

     All of his influences are present and accounted for so you know that when you read this it feels as if it could have been written in the 80's when horror was exciting and fresh It elevates itself above splatterpunk and just becomes a great horror novel. Goforth writes the kind of stuff that guys like Laymon used to create. It hits hard and fast and drags you along right up to its conclusion. This is a writer who loves horror and he writes for those who carry the horror banner even when it looks as if it's dying out. There are quite a few guys that write not because they think that horror is trendy. They write it because they love it and know that there are quite a few of us who remember just how great horror can be. Zombie purists may get a little butthurt that Jim doesn't follow the rules that others have created but what he's written is unique and a lot of fun to read. Zombie novels don't have to follow the rules. It's okay to be different and Goforth proves that with Undead Fleshcrave.


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