Tribes Of Decay

     Tribes Of Decay: A Zombie Novel

      I received a copy of Garza's latest novel in exchange for an honest review and I've read his work before. This is a talented that continues to release zombie novels that breath life into the genre. While this could appeal to just fans of the genre it also contains a bit of everything that appeals to fans of horror as well as straight fiction. In Tribes Garza presents us with a look at the world after the initial zombie outbreak and the tribes that are fighting to survive in this new world. The problem is that the zombies are evolving and gathering. That's what sets this apart from what you're accustomed to. You have a great story about survival and all the usual rules of the zombies are thrown out. Garza takes a huge risk and it pays off. As the opening book in the series there's a lot to grab your attention and there's a reason to read the continuing books in the series.

     The strength of this is in the characters themselves. They are living in a new world that are thrust into a nightmare and while the zombies it would seem would be the focus, it's the survivors that are put right out in front. It is a zombie novel so expect a bit of gore, and violence. Garza has a unique writing style that pulls you into the story and even as the book is nearing its conclusion he gives you a valid reason to want to read the entire series. I liked these characters and want to see what happens to them on their quest to rebuild their paradise. This is a writer that knows how to effectively tell a story and keeps the pages flying. For those are looking for something unique and addicting you should preorder Tribes Of Decay as soon as you finish this review. The official release date is Jan 31, and then wait patiently for the next books in the series. Many thanks to Michael for allowing to get a sneak peak at his latest release.


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