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  Queen Of Hell - Jeff O'Brien 5/5

     I have to tell you that Jeff O'Brien gave me an early peek at his latest novella Queen Of Hell. It's a remastered version of an earlier book, and I hear you mumbling. Why in the fuck is Jeff pulling a Stephen King? If you've read Devil Rain why you should you buy this right? Jeff has given this the George Lucas treatment and not only polished it but added some words. I have read both and while I liked Devil Rain I actually like what he did with Queen Of Hell. The story is tighter and flows a lot better so you get a better story. It's the same story but the added content gives you a lot more detail. 

     If you haven't read Devil Rain at all then you should be warned. Queen Of Hell is not the same goofy comedy horror that Jeff usually writes. Hell is is pure dark as night horror. This is a guy that clearly wants to be taken seriously for a minute and as the story unfolds you are front row center for it all. If you ever wondered if O'Brien could ever write a straight up horror novel here's your answer. Gone is the comedy, and in it's place is pure unadulterated evil. Queen Of Hell delivers big time. Jeff crafts a damn fine story and the new content fits right in and tightens up the story. I've always been a fan of his writing style. He writes highly addictive fiction. That hasn't changed at all. Just the content. 

     Queen Of Hell is for those that love occult horror. The stuff that makes you pull out your black metal records and throw up a few devil horns. For those that have read Devil Rain you need to pick this up because while the story itself is the same the new content just tightens everything up and reminds us that as a writer Jeff never disappoints. This is a newly remastered version of one of his earlier works and unlike George Lucas he didn't screw it up. 


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