Vampire Strippers From Saturn

      Vampire Strippers From Saturn 5/5


     I know what you're thinking. Another vampire novel? This isn't you're ordinary run of the mill vampire tale though. Bilof's has a knack for invading other genre's and blending them all together into something unique. With Strippers you have horror, sci-fi, and bizarro melding together with excellent results. As a writer you just need to take risks and Strippers is the kind of book that will at times seem to make no sense at all, but as the story progresses you begin to see pieces fall into place and the story overall is like an B-movie from the fifties force fed a bunch of really good drugs and allowed to run amok. 

     I loved the overall idea of the novel. The strippers are here to destroy earth but nothing is ever easy and this is where the book really shines. We encounter a variety of characters that give it a nice bizarro edge and I should point out that it has a kick ass sound track that you can cue up as you read the novel. Strippers is original and while the strippers may be called vampires we find out that they don't act like your traditional vampires and use a strip club for their coven. 

     If you like your novels quick paced and gory then this is the book for you, but if you like your stories to follow a clear cut path then you may not like this. What made this novel so enjoyable was the fact that you truly have to pay attention. It's a complexly written novel that requires patience. Bilof has written a novel that ushers in a great deal of chaos while being truly original. There isn't just one genre that this fits into, but that's why I'm a fan, I know that when I read one of his books all the rules simply disappear and you're given something that doesn't pander to just one type of reader. 

     Simply put Vampire Strippers From Saturn is a great novel when it's in the right hands. People will either love it or hate it and there are some that will get it while others simply won't. How much you enjoy this novel depends on what's sitting on your bookshelf. If you only read the latest best sellers odds are you're going to dislike this which is unfortunate because Strippers is a great novel. Bilof doesn't pander to styles or trends. He walks in and makes them his own. 


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