Time Of Grace Review

      Time Of Grace - Catt Dahman   5/5


      I have to be honest and say that this is the first time I've read one of Catt's books and I can assure you that this won't be the last. This is a well written novel that isn't exactly a straight up horror novel but it does contain some supernatural elements that add a bite to the story. The thing I loved about Time Of Grace was Catt's writing style. Written in the first person but you feel as if you know these characters and as the story unfolds the key elements feel almost real and I was shocked as the story progressed, Anytime I read a book that starts of strong I always expect it all to fall apart at some point, but this never did. 

      Catt's a talented writer that knows how to hook her readers and this one has big giant meaty hooks. Sometimes a book doesn't have to be overly detailed with romance, or gore to be effective. All you really need is a good story . Time Of  Grace is not just a good story, It's a great story and I will even go as far as saying the book is simply amazing. 

     For fans of great books this one is one you simply have to pick up. David's story is one of loss, obsession, and the realization that something dark exists, but everyone else is oblivious to what it is.  Time Of Grace starts of as a normal tale and then halfway through Catt stomps on the gas and takes a left turn. The ending at first seemed a bit sudden and it really pissed me off but as I read it again it truly fit the overall theme of the book.  There was no other way that it could end any other way and have the same impact. Do yourself a favor and pick this up. You'll thank me later. 


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