The Mind Is A Razor Blade

   The Mind Is A Razorblade - Max Booth III  5/5

         I got a copy of this from Max himself and in all honesty I can't say that I simply read his latest novel, I devoured the damn thing in two days. Hands down this is easily one of my favorite books and if you've never heard of this guy you should just stop reading for a second and just buy the book. The influences here are too many to name but if you like dark noir fiction, or ever wonder what Dark City would look like if David Lynch directed it you have a pretty good idea of what you're in for. Booth just doesn't write in one genre. He experiments in many and it all flows seamlessly. You have elements of bizarro and splatterpunk making out with science fiction, but it never bogs down the plot. If anything all of these different genres make the overall story that much better, and stronger.

     The strength of Razor Blade is Booth's writing style. You are sucked into the story and truly get a sense of what Bob is feeling. We all know that Bob has no memory but the detail that he puts into it makes you feel the frustration and as he slowly begins to get his memory back you feel the same relief that he does. The action is well placed and as the story gains momentum the pages begin to fly by as Bob begins to discover who was. There are quite a few surprises here and the pieces in which Bob begins to regain his memory you begin to see that Bob isn't a perfect guy, He is a bit flawed but he has a chance to redeem himself and start fresh.

    For the reader this is the perfect novel that we all want to read, It balances the action and while there is a bit of violence it's not enough to detract from the story. If anything if you were Bob you would do the same thing too. It's also a bit dark but that's exactly what you want from a book like this and for those that like bright happy shiny fiction you're going to probably turn your nose up at this and hit the the light fluffy section. This is the perfect beach, or front porch novel and if I had to pick 5 books to take with you on summer vacations this is one that I would recommend. Now that you've read my review go buy the book already.


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